Angel : season 3 review


22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

vampire redemption


The main thrust of this season is Connor, Angel and Darla's child. Everything gets very complicated

This season is rather overshadowed by the stronger parallel Buffy season 6 (although there is essential no crossover). Angel's brooding is getting just a little irritating -- if he would just say, now and again, "look, I'm not evil anymore, I've got a soul now", it could potentially solve so many misunderstandings. (But it's better than his goo-goo infatuation with his son.)

Despite this, there are some good points, and on the whole, it's a good arc -- in particular Darla's end is very well handled. (Just how many times has she died now? I'm beginning to lose count.) And it's certainly some end of season cliff-hanger...

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 29 June 2003