Buffy the Vampire Slayer : the movie


SF elements

urban vampires


[video sleeve]

Buffy, a vacuous teenager, learns she is The Chosen One, destined to fight vampires.

[Buffy and Pike confront Lothos]

I'm glad I didn't see this before watching the TV series -- otherwise I might never have bothered to watch that vastly superior TV series. There are a few comic moments moments with Buffy being vacuous, Buffy learning her destiny, and Buffy exasperating her Watcher, Merrick. But on the whole, it is a bit plodding, and the fight scenes aren't nearly as well choreographed as the TV ones.

Worth watching only for serious completists.

Rating: 4

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Buffy ..... Kristy Swanson
Mr Merrick ..... Donald Sutherland
Vampire Master Lothos ..... Rutger Hauer
Pike ..... Luke Perry

reviewed 1 May 2000