Cleopatra 2525 : season 1 review


13 25 minute episodes

[After several reschedulings of episode 13 (the second of a two-parter!), C5 decided to defer showing it until later next year. Typical. But I have since seen it on DVD.]

SF elements

20th century woman awakes 500 years in the future, to a world overrun by hostile robots


Cleo, a ditzy 20th century blond, wakes up unexpectedly in the year 2525, to a full scale war between underground humans and the robot Baileys who have taken over the surface. She reluctantly joins up with two freedom fighters, Sarge and Hel (linked to the mysterious Voice).

It's a world full of Big Guns, tunnels, drop tubes, Big Guns, androids, weird mutants, and Big Guns, and Cleo is very out of place. She spends half her time running and hiding, and the other half managing to pull off brave stunts, surprising her partners and herself.

There appears to be a reasonably well thought out back-story (it doesn't give the feel that every little detail is being made up as we go), with quite a complex world, full of surprises, and some growing doubt about who the good guys are. Since not every little detail is explained, the action can be quite confusing at times -- capturing the confusion that Cleo feels all the time. I enjoy watching each short episode, but I don't lose any sleep waiting for the next, not even when it's a two parter cliff hanger. So, no great depth, but good mindless fun.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 9 December 2001