Dark Angel : season 2 review


21 50 minute episodes

SF elements

escaped teenage mutant super-soldiers


In this second and final season, all the transgenics have escaped Manticore, not simply the human-looking ones, and their existence is gradually becoming known. And we have an opposing gang of "breeding-cult" supermen hunting them down. ( Two secret conspiracies for the price of one!)

I was a bit concerned with the first couple of episodes: it looked as if season 2 was going to become a lighter teen-oriented show. But it quickly settled back into the grungy post-apocalyptic style of the first. Not quite as good as the first season -- a less dark and more angelic Max on the high moral ground fighting a powerful conspiracy is not quite as interesting as Max on dubious moral ground fighting her own lack of socialisation -- but still worth watching.

The ending ties up some plot strands, but there is still a lot left unexplained -- who is Father, what is the coming crisis, and what is Max's role in it? But if you've read some SF, you can probably make a stab at filling in the blanks.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 6 July 2003