6 x 45-minute episodes

fantasy elements

witches, ghosts

season 1 review

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Cassie [Christina Cole] discovers an old pot that gives her strange powers when she accidentally cuts herself on it. But these powers come at a price, and the demon Azazeal [Michel Fassbender] demands a "willing sacrifice" in exchange. Cassie's roommate Thelma [Jemima Rooper] becomes that sacrifice, apparently drowning in the school's lake. But Cassie gets a surprise at the funeral, when Thelma's ghost appears beside her...

Well, that brief plot summary takes a double episode -- 90 minutes -- of tedium to establish, with very little of the fantastic appearing until late on. It is more a soap style "school from hell", with a soupcon of fantasy. Hoping that was merely a poor pilot, we started watching episode 3, with the characters now established. No better, so we gave up.

This appears to be a British attempt to cash in on the Buffy fan-base: demons, magic, teenage lesbian sex. But without the action, pace, humour, depth, or plot.

Rating: 6

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reviewed 22 December 2005