Lexx : season 2 review


20 one-hour episodes

SF elements

planet-destroying super-weapons


Season 2 is not as good as the wonderfully surreal Season 1 -- it is much less surreal, as shown by the fact that I find it easier to summarise the episodes . The grunge factor is increased to the point of unpleasantness at times, but the darkness is downplayed. (The main darkness comes from the fact that the arc story is the slow destruction of the entire universe...)

I don't think the new Xev is as good as the old Zev, but 790 has the occasional good line against the increasingly-irritating Stan. The odd episode lifts the series enough to be worthwhile, and Kai is still great as the dead assassin (especially when he accidentally goes on a psychopathic killing spree).

Rating: 4

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reviewed 4 November 1999