Medium : season 3 episodes

3.1. Four Dreams , part I

Everyone is dreaming. A shorter-haired-than-last-season Allison sees an old boyfriend who is now a ghost, and who is trying to woo her. Her daughter Bridgette dreams, in monkey cartoon form, of a series of brutal family murders. The DA dreams he's standing in water. Scanlon dreams of children, and decides to go steady with his latest girlfriend.

3.2. Four Dreams , part II

... Allison and Bridgette's dreams come together, to help solve an art fraud case. The DA is diagnosed with diabetes. Scanlon breaks up with his girlfriend after she is offered the chance to run for office.

3.3. Be Kind, Rewind

Allison is in an horrific car accident -- but it's a dream. She acts on the dream, and instead witnesses a hostage situation -- but it's a dream. She acts on the dream, and instead becomes a hostage -- but it's a dream. Eventually, it all works out.

3.4. Blood Relation

Allison thinks she sees the ghostly serial killer yet again [ 2.12. Doctor's Orders ]. But it is actually his great grandson. She realises the the killer is trying to possess him, but he is resisting. Until Allison comes along, of course...

3.5. Ghost in the Machine

A haunted video camera helps Allison solve an apparently motiveless murder.

3.6. Profiles In Terror

Allison clashes with one of her heroes, an FBI profiler, when she suggest that the perpetrator of his most famous case might be involved in the current one. He has a good reason to know better.

3.7. Mother's Little Helper

A mother and daughter are murdered in a dress shop. Allison and Ariel witness it from the relevant perspective. Ariel is none to thrilled by her dreams, and blames Allison.

3.8. The Whole Truth

A Congressman is found dead, what appears to be suicide, and his wife wants this covered up to protect his reputation. But Allison's dreams about a boy dying down a pit ensure the truth is more complicated.

3.9. Better Off Dead

Allison dreams of a man apparently murdered by a mugger. But he doesn't want her to find his killer. He makes friends with another ghost, a man stabbed and dismembered by his wide.

3.10. Very Merry Maggie

Allison dreams she is a doll, then dreams about an abused boy being told to kill his father, by a doll. Then she dreams that the same doll told a girl to kill her abusive father. Meanwhile, the DA is finally beginning to come to terms with his daughter's suicide from several years ago.

3.11. Apocalypse, Push

Captain Push contacts Allison about a dream he has had, which leads the local police to discover the bodies of two missing EMTs. Then he has another dream, about stolen explosives. The major facts are right, but all the details are wrong. Eventually, it turns out to be a plot he overheard in his coma [ 2.1. When Push Comes to Shove ]. Joe lies to Bridgette about drugs.

3.12. The One Behind The Wheel

Sandra O' Bannon, a rich socialite, wakes up inhabiting Allison's body, after a drinking binge when she discovered her husband's affair. She then starts dreaming about what happened to the "real" her. Joe is distraught at losing his wife on Valentine's Day.

3.13. Second Opinion

Allison has a dream of the future, when her daughter Marie is grown up, and dying of leukaemia. A frantic Allison insists they move house. Meanwhile, Detective Scanlon is investigating the apparent overdose death of a drug addict he was mentoring through rehab.

3.14. We Had a Dream

The serial killer sharing Allison's dreams [ 2.18. S.O.S. ] uses one to escape jail, and starts killing again. He knows where Allison lives, and threatens her, so she is put under 24 hour police guard. But then the Deputy Mayor questions what is going on. Allison wakes in the night to see her guards pulled away from the house...

3.15. The Boy Next Door

A teenage Allison has a series of dreams of her future life, married, with children. She is dreaming about terrible future events perpetrated by Stephen, the boy who has just moved in next door. But this young, uncertain Allison has no-one who believes her dreams.

3.16. Whatever Possessed You

Allison dreams of a woman possessed by demons who has killed a priest. But then she discovers the priest was an old friend of the DAs, who apparently died in an accident falling down stairs. Underneath it all is a rational explanation... [well, apart from the dreams, of course!]

3.17. Joe Day Afternoon

Allison has a feeling of dread, and begs Joe not to go to work. But he does, and ends up as a hostage. Ariel also helps in resolving the problem.

3.18. 1-900-Lucky

Allison's brother Michael is working as a phone psychic when he gets a call from one of his customers: her husband has been murdered and she wants his help. This happens in Allison's jurisdiction, and she doesn't want anyone to know that he's related to her. He is very surprised when the victim talks to him, and tells him who the murderer was. He is elated when this information leads to an arrest, but Allison's dreams are continuing...

3.19. No One to Watch Over Me

Allison dreams of a woman being murdered in a freezer. The body is found, but the man who commits suicide and leaves a confession doesn't look anything like the killer in her dreams. And what about the diamonds? Meanwhile, Joe returns to work for the first time after the hostage trauma, but is having problems readjusting...

3.20. Head Games

Allison has a recurring dream about a man decapitating his wife, and convinces the DA to go for the death penalty. But just after he is convicted, another body appears, killed the same way. He is released, and the DA's office comes in for a lot of press criticism, for which Allison feels responsible. Allison realises that the murdered woman had never actually seen her attacker, and had sent the dreams just assuming it was him. Joe is going to therapy, but not taking it well. Meanwhile a stranger, Debra, bumps into Allison's car, and strikes up a friendship. Allison dreams Debra is the fourth victim...

3.21. Heads Will Roll

A lawyer contacts Joe, tying to persuade him to sue his company for millions of dollars. Meanwhile, his company is requiring him to sign a waiver before he can return to work. A third decapitation occurs. Allison tries to convince Debra she is the next victim, even telling her that she is psychic. But Debra is the investigative journalist [big surprise, that] looking for dirt on the DA, and announces she is going into press with an exposé. Allison confronts her, and while they argue, they each get a call about a fourth victim...

3.22. Everything Comes to a Head

The DA is replaced. Allison loses her job. Joe loses his job. Then Debra is murdered as Allison dreamed, but now she is blamed for inspiring the event. However, she doggedly continues, helped by further dreams, and eventually it is shown that she was right all along, and she triumphantly cracks the case.