Librarian Alice White [ Amanda Ooms ] seems a little strange. When the moon is full she buys 15lb of steak, takes her clothes off, locks herself in the basement of her home -- and changes into a wolf.

Based on a novel by Dennis Danvers, adapted as 3 one-hour episodes by Andrew Davies and Bernadette Davis.

Rating: 4
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  1. ITV, 30 Sept 1996

    Alice White has a secret: once a month she turns into a wolf. Her psychiatrist doesn't believe her, but is already writing a book about her case. And is her new lover in danger?

  2. ITV, 7 Oct 1996

    Alice comes to herself cowering naked in her garden after a wild night. Later she hears that a dead body, apparently savaged by a dog, has been found in a London street. The conclusion is obvious to her. So as Alice and her lover Dan become closer, she decides to reveal the terrible truth about what occurs in her cellar.

  3. ITV, 14 Oct 1996

    No one can accept Alice for what she really is. Psychotherapist Luther finaly admits the wolf is real, but his obsession with her leads to his downfall. Escape to Dr Garth's wild Scottish pack seems her only remaining option.


Alice White Amanda Ooms
Dan Somers Owen Teale
Luther Adams Michael Kitchen

Young Alice Catherine Holman
Jane Garth Gemma Jones
Serena Johanna Benyon
Marcus Philip McGough
Eleanor Rosalind March
Deborah Catherine Russell
Sarah Nina Thomas
Alice's father Nicholas Lumley
Alice's mother Brigitte Kahn
Darren James Wilson
Carl Terence Hillyer
Maurice David Gillespie
Butcher Jim Dunk
Chuck Mark Caven
Vet Val Lehman
Jeremy Rupert Vansittart
Kevin Gerard O'Hare
Luther's receptionist Liz Moscrop