Stargate SG-1 : season 10 review


20 50 minute episodes

SF elements

hostile alien contact; FTL travel


The 10th and final season of Stargate SG-1 is over. Apart from some promised associated films, it's the end of an era. How well does it end?

Well, it has its ups and downs. The addition of Vala to the team slightly dilutes the dynamic, and the insanely-powerful Ori make some of the "planet of the week" non-arc episodes look a bit out of place. And the new problems with the Lucian Alliance seem a bit of a distraction (although they do allow the episode "Bounty", which is great fun). But there are some strong episodes, too. The season arc of trying to recover Merlin's anti-Ascended weapon gives the season its shape, and there is enough closure to feel satisfying, but enough loose ends to lead into those promised films. And the highpoint of the season is definitely "200", the 200th episode, as the characters come up with suggestions for the Wormhole X-treme! series: full of marvellous in-jokes and wit.

So, sadness it's over, but it's been a great ride!

Rating: 3

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reviewed 3 January 2008