Stargate Atlantis


20 50 minute episodes

Stargate Atlantis : season 5

The plucky human members of Atlantis continue fighting the Wraith.

This is the season that Colonel Carter was replaced by Richard Woolsey as Atlantis commander. He managed the transition from stuffed-shirt IOA stooge to human leader who didn't always play by the book very well. Possibly because he was initially an unsympathetic character, it gave the scriptwriters something to get their teeth into, and so his role wasn't as badly wasted as Weir's or Carter's.

All in all, an okay season -- no real highlights, but no real howlers either (apart from a rather dull "clips" episode). And it did manage to end with a decent episode, bringing some old friends back for the final goodbye.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 22 December 2009