Xena: Warrior Princess : season 6 review


22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

gods and warriors, and very tangled mythologies


The season starts off quite darkly, with a triple of episodes about the fall of Lucifer, then off to some trauma in Africa with an accidental killing, followed by a Valkyrie excursion (is there a mythology this series hasn't plundered?). Gabrielle seems to get the worst of it, trauma-wise, this season. The first "comedy" episode isn't until mid-season, but then there are a bunch of them, along with some clever "clips" episodes, working in characters from previous sub-plots. This is because, as we know, the upcoming end-of-season climax is also the end-of-Xena. Which is handled very well: the final two-parter, set in Japan, manages some great scenes in the style of genre films like Zu Warriors and Iron Monkey , whilst still maintaining the Xena style, and managing the culmination without too much mawkish sentimentality. A fitting end to six years of comedy, drama, misplaced vegetation and accents, and hysterically tangled history.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 8 May 2005