Exercise: Premature delivery and housing tenure, 1

Question 1: Using SPSS, cross-tabulate housing tenure by prematurity and carry out a chi-squared test.

Suggested answer

We choose Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, Crosstabs. Put the variable 'Housing tenure' into Row(s): and 'Prematurity' into Column(s):. Click Statistics, Chisquare, Continue. Click OK.

You should get the case processing summary and then the following:

Housing tenure * Prematurity Crosstabulation
Prematurity Total
Term Preterm
Housing tenure Owner-occupier 849 50 899
Council tenant 229 29 258
Private tenant 164 11 175
With parents 66 6 72
Other 36 3 39
Total 1344 99 1443

Chi-Square Tests
Value   df   Asymp. Sig.
Pearson Chi-Square 10.495a 4 .033
Likelihood Ratio 9.466   4 .050
Linear-by-Linear Association 1.894   1 .169
N of Valid Cases 1443  
a 2 cells (20.0%) have expected count less than 5.
The minimum expected count is 2.68.

As often happens, SPSS prints out more than you need. We should ignore the likelihood ratio (beyond the scope of our course) and the linear-by-linear association (not appropriate for this table).

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