Exercise: Premature delivery and housing tenure

The file tenure.sav contains data from the St. George's birthweight study, giveng maturity of the baby at delivery and housing tenure of the mother.

Download the file and read it into SPSS.


1. Using SPSS, cross-tabulate housing tenure by prematurity and carry out a chi-squared test. Remember that the command to do this is in Descriptive Statistics, Crosstabs. DO NOT BE FOOLED by Tables or Nonparametric Tests, Chisquare, these do other things.

Check suggested answer 1.

2. Using SPSS, find out which cells have expected values less than five.

Check suggested answer 2.

3. Produce a table suitable for a paper or a report with percentages of preterm and term births in each housing tenure groups.

Check suggested answer 3.

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