Exercise: Premature delivery and housing tenure, 2

Question 2: Using SPSS, find out which cells have expected values less than five.

Suggested answer

We choose Analyze, Descriptive Statistics, Crosstabs. Put the variable 'Housing tenure' into Row(s): and 'Prematurity' into Column(s):. Click Cells, Expected, Continue. Click OK.

You should get the case processing summary and then the following:

Housing tenure * Prematurity Crosstabulation
Expected Count
Prematurity Total
Term Preterm
Housing tenure Owner-occupier 837.3 61.7 899.0
Council tenant 240.3 17.7 258.0
Private tenant 163.0 12.0 175.0
With parents 67.1 4.9 72.0
Other 36.3 2.7 39.0
Total 1344.0 99.0 1443.0

We can see that the cells in question are for living with parents and premature birth and other and premature birth.

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