Exercise: Endarterectomy versus stenting using CMA2, answer 4

Question 4: How can we save this output onto a file for future use?

Suggested answer:

Output is a problem with CMA2. There is no continuous recording of results as with SPSS, or log file function as with Stata.

We can print the results screen by clicking "File", "Print". This sends the results to the default printer of the computer.

We can choose any of the installed print devices using "Print set-up". This might include output "devices" such as a PDF printer. You can write to a PDF file using this, but must set up a new file for each page of output.

In the computer classroom A/E/004, the following work:

Whether you can then take these away and read them elsewhere is something you will have to decide. Microsoft Office Document Image Writer produces a TIF file, a graphic image which Word will read, but it is not text. Microsoft XPS Document Writer produces a file which a web browser can read. Getting your data into text form from either of these is fiddly. I couldn't read the OneNote file on my own computer.

The following don't work, but crash CMA and you will lose any unsaved data:

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