Thursday, May 06, 2004

Time Copy

Please keep sending in nominations for Mac-friendly Palm Developers. I have quite a few already and some names keep cropping up.

One that was new to me was Time Copy, a utility to keep your Palm clock in sync with your desktop clock. I had BlueNomad's TimeSync from my Windows days but the Mac conduit was hopeless: it would work a few times and then just stop doing anything. Advice on their website was to re-install PalmDesktop - yeah right, it would be quicker to adjust the time manually.

TimeCopy, in contrast, just works - real set and forget software. Though the all-important Mac conduit is not written by the original developer, it is all freeware and I have not found any problems. Since Mac OS X has an NNTP client built-in, this is a godsend for those of us who are time-obsessed but not enough to buy a radio-controlled watch.

[ASIDE: do you know people who keep their watches 10 minutes fast? This seems to be an admission of irrationality, for if you know your watch is 10 minutes fast, how can that help you get to places on time unless you also let yourself be taken in again and again and again?]