Thursday, May 20, 2004

Are DataViz Mac-friendly?

David from Perth has written to say that he thinks DataViz were over-rated on the Mac-friendly page. He writes:
I have repeatedly requested either explanation or upgrade parity of Documents to Go so that Powerpoint presentations (Slideshow to Go) will work on a Mac. Not only have they ignored all of my emails over the last 3 years, they still haven't fixed it. In fact, there is no way to get the Slideshow to Go module onto your Palm unless you use a PC - which means you can't even get someone else's Powerpoint presentation beamed over.

My guess is that support for DataViz came from people's experience of the version of DTG which came with their Palm. I have certainly been impressed by the fact that it has a full Mac version, and that I can even keep documents synchronized between a PC and a Mac by using DTG and Hotsyncing my T|E with both. But it seems that DataViz products not distributed through PalmOne are not at all Mac-friendly.

I would like some more opinions, but it appears that DataViz has two characters and thus deserves to appear in the lemons list as well. But if it is entirely pressure from PalmOne which is making DataViz have Mac support for some of its products, that at least reflects well on PalmOne.

Mini USB

There has been much discussion around teh forums on the pros and cons of PalmOne using mini-USB connectors on recent models and I have had my first personal experience of a pro. I bought a cheap multi-card reader today (£9.99 special offer at Aldi) and when unpacking it, noticed that it used a mini-USB connector.

And the answer is 'Yes' - I can connect it to my T|E's cable. This is not a massive benefit, but it does mean that instead of swapping cables between USB ports on the Mac, I can swap devices at the end of the cable. And I get a spare Hotsync cable thrown in for 'free'!