Sunday, July 11, 2004

Another Mac-friendly Omission

From Nick:
Margi's Presenter-to-Go - which I use all the time and is one of those products that would be in the 4-star category if there was one, thanks to having both an OS8.6-9 and an OSX conduit, and a Carbon desktop app that works with both. What I really love about it is being able to put slideshows together in MORE, Keynote, or indeed any other presentation software that isn't quite as knuckleheaded as PowerPoint - you just print from any application to a virtual printer which saves the output as a PTG file, and you can even create a single slideshow from multiple applications. (I also really like the bundled Mirror app, which just lets you mirror the Palm display at 2x scale on a data projector - or on an external monitor, which means you can add a keyboard and use your Palm like a desktop machine, though you have to buy the hardware kit before you can get - or be able to use - the software.) My one niggle is that they haven't updated the Mac "download the latest version" to the latest version of all the components, so you have to realise this and contact the (very helpful) support.

I will add it to the page as soon as I get a chance to fire up an HTML editor.


Nick, who is a great fan of outliners, tipped me off to Inspiration for Palm OS, which has a conduit to sync with the Mac and Windows desktop versions as well.

I have not looked at the conduit yet, but the Palm application looks interesting. You can view you outlines either as an outline or as a flow chart, and any editing done in one view shows up in the other. That is to say, it translates linking arrows in the flow chart into hierarchical relations in the outline, and vice versa. It seems to do this pretty intelligently: for example if links in the flow chart create loops, it ignores those elements which 'point up' the hierarchy when translating to the outline.

It is also very easy to zoom in and out of the flow chart, which is nice. But the outline is very basic, not even allowing tick-boxes, let alone progress bars.

Meanwhile, I have added an obvious omission to the Mac-friendly page: Filemaker.