Wednesday, August 18, 2004

More on Speed Tests

Firstly, just in case any readers of this Blog got the impression that PalmInternals is offering some sort of definitive speed test for software, let me make clear: it just tests one factor and lots of other things may contribute to how a piece of software performs on your device.

That said, the interest of this test is the discrepancies it is showing up. Gavin, the author of ClipPro, found that when he modified the ClipPro code so that it literally did nothing in response to a key event, it still came in at 58 seconds on the test. He contacted PalmSource about this and they simply said (and I quote): 'this mechanism is very slow. We warn you about this'. But that does not explain the discrepancy with FitalyStamp.

And now we have a new discrepancy. The author of QLaunch got in touch to say that it would make a fine replacement for TealLaunch (and he is right there), so I ran the PalmInternals test on it: 779/8! That is, the test took 8 seconds whereas with TealLaunch it took 116 seconds. Where did all that time go?