Tuesday, October 26, 2004

1gb SD card

It is a long time since I lasted posted to this Blog because I have been a trifle busy with that work thingy. I have been ding lots Palm-wise, including comparing screen protectors and finding bugs/features in Margi Presenter-to-Go for Mac OS X. I think I am now in the eye of the storm, so time to get writing again.

I also bought a Lexar 1 gigabyte SD card from Clove. The punch line is: it works and it is good value. But here are some details you might be interested in:

The real size of the cardseparatorVFS MArk Results

The image on the left is a screenshot of what Card Info displayed when I first popped the card in my Palm, even before it had been formatted. Seems that 50mb is too much for on board control, so I reckon they have a different way of counting bytes to me! Still, you can get a lot of music on a card this size.

The other screenshot is VFS Mark. I link to some comparison results here, and you will see that the Lexar card is very good on everything except write speed. My 256mb Panasonic scored 125% on the write speed test.