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Alistair Edwards

Honorary Research Fellow

Alistair Edwards has retired

If you need to contact him, please email cs-reception@york.ac.uk


Back in the days when the Web was just a little baby, Computer Science was one of the first departments to set up a webspace. Now, in 2022, it has been decided that having its own space, separate from the University's space is an unnecessary duplication. We are, therefore, transferring pages to that space. I have been doing this. In so doing I have been trying to tidy up, to remove a lot of redundant material, but to do so withough breaking links. However, I cannot be at all sure that I have suceeded, so if you find any broken links – and particularly any that you need to access, then do feel free to email me.

Speakers for Schools

I give talks to schools under the auspices of the organization Speakers for Schools. I spoke to students from Benton Park School on the topic of Accent the Positive on 17 November and spoke to students at Elliot Husdon College, on 14 December, addressing Where is the Science in Computer Science? .

I've written a paper!

Retired and in lockdown – and free from having to think about REF – I had nothing better to do than to write a paper on a topic that has almost nothing to do with my main research. Testing the November Alfa Tango Oscar Spelling Alphabet It is about the 'spelling alphabet' that people use in radio communications and the like. I don't think it's publishable, because its results are at variance with those in the literature, and anyway no-one is going to diverge from the current Nato standard.

Having mentioned its existence to various family and friends ('What have you been doing in lockdown?'), I suspect it has had more readers than most of my publications. If you can be bothered to look at it, comments will be very welcome.

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