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Travel tips

For our guests from Japan, we recommend to fly into the Manchester Airport connecting via major European aiports, such as Frankfurt, Paris, Helsinki and Copenhagen. From the Manchester Aiport, TransPennine Express offers direct services to York (approximately 1 hour 30 minutes).

For those plan to visit the other places in the U.K., BritRail Pass will offer some discount within a limited period for non-U.K. residents.


JST UK-Japan Workshop on Advanced Materials

JST York

24 February 2016

Department of Electronics, University of York

The Symposium has been successfully finished with 38 attendees. Thank you very much for your participation.

The purpose of this workshop is to identify a series of key materials with regards to 2-dimensional device applications. Both the U.K. and Japan have strong standing positions in this field and have been prioritising it as a strategic research area. During this workshop, recent research trends in the U.K. and Japan in the field of Advanced Materials will be presented. Furthermore, the latest research programs implemented in Japan, including those on atomic or molecular 2-dimensional functional films, will be introduced. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to increase knowledge exchange in the field of Advanced Materials, and to discuss how to develop this area by leveraging international networks of research interconnections between the two countries.

This workshop is open for everyone with registration (free of charge). We wish to have fruitful discussion on advanced materials for 2-dimensional device applications as well as future collaborations between the U.K. and Japan.

This workshop is funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and is supported by the Embassy of Japan in the U.K.