Evaluating biases in Sea Surface Temperature records using coastal weather stations

Kevin Cowtan, Robert Rohde, Zeke Hausfather

Methods and Data

This page contains the methods and data to produce the coastal hybrid temperature experiments for the paper "Evaluating biases in Sea Surface Temperature records using coastal weather stations", by K. Cowtan, R. Rohde, Z. Hausfather.

The download file contains this README, a set of subfolders containing the individual experiments, a set of python scripts for plotting the results, and a C-shell script to run all the experiments.

Dependencies are python 2.x and the following python libraries: numpy, scipy, statsmodels, matplotlib, basemap, netCDF4

  • sstbias.20171108.zip (410MB) Methods and data to reproduce the coastal hybrid calculations and figures from the paper.
  • sstbias-temps.20171108.zip (410KB) Temperature series results from the calculations. These can be used to check that the calculations have run correctly. (The final record is in results/coastal_wt_y0/hybrid_36m.temp).

Warning: These data are intended primarily to aid in identifying possible uncorrected biases in existing SST records rather than for use as a historical record sea surface temperature. If you are not a co-author on this paper, you probably don't want the data.