I’ve been working in the High Performance Computing (HPC) research field since 2010, and in this time I have collaborated widely with other universities, UK and US national laboratories and industry. Much of my recent work has been focussed on the performance, portability and programmability of applications of interest to the Plasma Physics community. These projects have been funded under the ExCALIBUR Fusion Use Case (Project NEPTUNE) and by EPSRC (EP/W029111/1).

Broadly speaking, my research interests fall into three categories:

Performance Analysis and Optimisation

  • Performance modelling of applications
  • Algorithmic optimisations of applications from the science and engineering domains
  • Evaluation of novel programming models and architectures

Parallel File Systems and I/O

  • Tracing and analysis of I/O in parallel applications
  • Optimisation of I/O operations on parallel file systems
  • Replication of sensitive I/O patterns in open environments

Energy-aware Computation

  • Analysis and modelling of energy consumption for parallel applications
  • Energy-aware optimisation of applications

PhD Opportunities

HPC has a vibrant research community, and if you’d like to be part of that community, there are Ph.D. opportunities available. Any projects that fit within the themes above will be considered, and funding may be available through the SEtS programme.

The following three projects are currently listed through FindAPhD: