Guest Editor, Journal:

 Techniques and Protocols to Preserve and Enhance Privacy (2020–2021)
Special Issue of Cryptography (MDPI)

Program Committee Member, Conferences & Workshops:

ESORICS 2023, 2022, 2021
European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
 ESORICS 2023: Sep 25–29, 2023, The Hague, Netherlands
 ESORICS 2022: Sep 26–30, 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark
 ESORICS 2021: Oct 4–8, 2021, Darmstadt, Germany
NSS 2023
International Conference on Network and System Security
 NSS 2023: Aug 14–16, 2023, Canterbury, UK
SEC @ ACM SAC 2023, 2022
Computer Security track (SEC) at ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC)
 SEC @ ACM SAC 2023: Mar 27 – Apr 2, 2023, Tallinn, Estonia
 SEC @ ACM SAC 2022: Apr 25–29, 2022, Brno, Czech Republic
ACM CCS 2021
ACM SIGSAC Conf. on Computer and Communications Security
 ACM CCS 2021: Nov 14–19, 2021, Seoul, South Korea
Indocrypt 2019
Int'l Conf. on Cryptology in India
 Indocrypt 2019: Dec 15–18, 2019, Hyderabad, India
PST 2019, 2018, 2017
Int'l Conf. on Privacy, Security & Trust
 PST 2019: Aug 26–28, 2019, Fredericton, NB, Canada
 PST 2018: Aug 28–30, 2018, Belfast, UK
 PST 2017: Aug 28–30, 2017, Calgary, Canada
SS7 @ CSNDSP 2018
CSNDSP Special Sessions on Security & Privacy in 5G Networks
 SS7 @ CSNDSP 2018: Jul 18–20, 2018, Budapest, Hungary
GPC 2017
Int'l Conf. on Green, Pervasive & Cloud Computing
 GPC 2017: May 11–14, 2017, Cetara, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Advisory Panel Member:

ICO PETs Expert Forum: UK Information Commissioner's Office Privacy-Enhancing Technologies Expert Forum (from 2021)
 SPRITE+: Expet Fellow, EPSRC-funded NetworkPlus on Security, Privacy, Identity, & Trust in the Digital Economy (from 2019)

External Examiner:

University of Huddersfield
 Cyber Security & Digital Forensics MSc programme (from 2020)

PhD Examiner:

External Examiner
PhD thesis on blockchain Layer 2 protocol design, Trinity College Dublin (2022)
PhD thesis on blockchain-based security protocols, University of Birmingham (2022)
PhD thesis on e-voting security, University of Melbourne (2020)
Internal Examiner, University of York
PhD thesis on mitigating cache side-channel attacks (2022)
PhD thesis on behavioural profiling of blockchain gambling (2022)
PhD thesis on password management behaviour (2020)
PhD thesis on intrusion detection (2019)

Reviewer, Funding Organisations:

 EPSRC: Eng. & Phys. Sci. Research Council
 ESRC: Economic & Social Research Council
 SNSF: Swiss National Science Foundation
 REPHRAIN: National Research Centre on Privacy, Harm Reduction and Adversarial Influence Online (since 2022)
 Not-Equal: UKRI NetworkPlus (2019)
 Newton Prize: Newton Fund (2019)

University Service:

Information Security Board Member (from 2023)
 Records Management & Information Governance page
Academic Ethics Compliance Committee Member (from 2023)
 AECC web page
Physical Sciences Ethics Committee Chair (from 2022)
 AECC web page

Departmental Service:

Cyber Security and Privacy Research Group Lead
 Research Group Details
MSc Cyber Security Programme Lead
 Programme Details
Departmental Research Committee Member
 Terms of Reference and Membership Information
Department Ethics Coordinator
 Procedure for Staff & Research Students |  Procedure for Taught Students
MSc Cyber Security Admissions Tutor
 Programme Details

Reviewer, Journals:

 IWC: Interacting with Computers (2021)
 CoSe: Computers & Security (2019, 2018)
 IEEE Access (2018)
 TIS: IEICE Transactions on Information & Systems (2017)
 TDSC: IEEE Transactions on Dependable & Secure Computing (2016, 2015, 2013, 2013)
 TOPS (formerly TISSEC): ACM Transactions on Privacy & Security (2016)
 JISA: Journal of Information Security & Applications (2015)
 TIFS: IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security (2014, 2012, 2011)
 TCC: IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (2014)
 IJCS: International Journal of Communication Systems (2013)
 AMC: Advances in Mathematics of Communications (2013)
 JCST: Journal of Computer Science & Technology (2013)
 TIT: IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2011)
 JSS: Journal of Systems & Software (2010, 2009, 2009)
 DCC: Designs, Codes & Cryptography

Reviewer, Conferences & Workshops:

 ACISP: Australasian Conf. on Information Security & Privacy
 ACNS: Applied Cryptography & Network Security, Int'l Conf.
 AfricaCrypt: Cryptology in Africa, Int'l Conf.
 ARES: Availability, Reliability & Security, Int'l Conf.
 ASIACCS: ACM Symposium on Information, Computer & Communications Security
 AsiaCrypt: Theory & Application of Cryptology & Information Security, Int'l Conf.
 CCS: Computer & Communications Security, ACM Conf.
 CANS: Cryptology & Network Security, Int'l Conf.
 Crypto: Int'l Cryptology Conf.
 CT-RSA: The Cryptographer's Track at RSA Conf.
 DSN: Dependable Systems & Networks, Int'l Conf.
 ESORICS: European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
 EuroCrypt: Theory & Applications of Cryptographic Techniques, Int'l Conf.
 FC: Financial Cryptography & Data Security, Int'l Conf.
 ICICS: Int'l Conf. on Information & Communication Security
 ICISC: Int'l Conf. on Information Security & Cryptology
 IMACC: IMA Int'l Conf. on Cryptography & Coding
 IndoCrypt: Int'l Conf. on Cryptology in India
 InsCrypt: Information Security & Cryptology, Int'l Conf.
 ISC: Int'l Information Security Conf.
 ISPEC: Information Security Practice & Experience, Int'l Conf.
 NordiCHI: Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
 PKC: Practice & Theory in Public Key Cryptography, Int'l Conf.
 SecUbiq: Security in Ubiquitous Computing Systems, Int'l Workshop