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Books : reviews

Russell K. Standish, Mark A. Bedau, Hussein A. Abbass, eds.
Artificial Life VIII: proceedings of the eighth international conference on artificial life, Sydney, Australia.
MIT Press. 2003

(read but not reviewed)


Carlos Gershenson. Classification of Random Boolean Networks. 2003
Jean-Claude Heudin. Complexity Classes in Three-dimensional Gravitational Agents. 2003
Tatsuya Nomura. Formal Description of Autopoiesis for Analytic Models of Life and Social Systems. 2003
Kazumasa Oida. The Birth and Death Process of Hypercycle Spirals. 2003
David Cornforth, David G. Green, David Newth, Michael G. Kirley. Do Artificial Ants March in Step? Ordered Asynchronous Processes and Modularity in Biological Systems. 2003
Satoshi Kurihara, Kensuke Fukuda, Toshio Hirotsu, Osamu Akashi, Shinya Sato, Toshiharu Sugawara. Importance of Evolved Structure for Emerging Self-organization in a Complex Competitive Situation. 2003
Eleonora Bilotta, Antonio Lafusa, Pietro Pantano. Is Self-replication an Embedded Characteristic of Artificial/Living Matter?. 2003
Hiroki Sayama. Von Neumann's Machine in the Shell: Enhancing the Robustness of Self-Replication Processes. 2003
Andre Stauffer, Moshe Sipper. Interactive Self-Replicating, Self-Incrementing and Self-Decrementing Loops. 2003
Naoaki Ono, Takashi Ikegami. Selection of Catalysts through Cellular Reproduction. 2003
Chrystopher L. Nehaniv. Evolution in Asynchronous Cellular Automata. 2003
Thomas E. Portegys. An Abstraction of Intercellular Communication. 2003
Hiroaki Takagi, Kunihiko Kaneko. Dynamic Relationship between Diversity and Plasticity of Cell types in Multi-cellular State. 2003
Dennis L. Chao, Stephanie Forrest. Generating Biomorphs with an Aesthetic Immune System. 2003
Takamasa Sawada, Atsuko Mutoh, Shohei Kato, Hidenori Itoh. A Model of Biological Differentiation in Adaptiogenesis to the Environment. 2003
Jaime Lagunez-Otero, Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Perez, Maura Cardenas-Garcia, Octavio Rosa, Armando Franyuti. Cellulat. 2003
Lucian Prodan, Gianluca Tempesti, Daniel Mange, Andre Stauffer. Embryonics: Electronic Stem Cells. 2003
D. A. Mac Donaill. Tautomerism as a Constraint on the Composition of Alternative Nucleotide Alphabets. 2003
Gianluca Tempesti, Daniel Roggen, Eduardo Sanchez, Yann Thoma, Richard O. Canham, Andy M. Tyrrell, Juan-Manuel Moreno. A POEtic Architecture for Bio-Inspired Hardware. 2003
Wei-Min Shen, Cheng-Ming Chuong, Peter Will. Digital Hormone Models for Self-Organization. 2003
Marc Metivier, Claude Lattaud, Jean-Claude Heudin. A Stress-based Speciation Model in LifeDrop. 2003
Gary R. Greenfield. On Attaining Maximal Fitness or How to Evolve Virtual Redwoods. 2003
Russell K. Standish. Diversity Evolution. 2003
Xin-She Yang. Characterization of Multispecies Living Ecosystems With Cellular Automata. 2003
Lee Spector. Adaptive Populations of Endogenously Diversifying Pushpop Organisms are Reliably Diverse. 2003
Joshua Mitteldorf, David H. Croll, S. Chandu Ravela. Multilevel Selection and the Evolution of Predatory Restraint. 2003
James R. Watson, Nicholas Geard, Janet Wiles. Stability and Task Complexity: A Neural Network Model of Evolution and Learning. 2003
Dale Thomas. Aesthetic Selection of Developmental Art Forms. 2003
Hideaki Suzuki, Hidefumi Sawai. Chemical Genetic Algorithms -- Coevolution between Codes and Code Translation. 2003
Alastair D. Channon. Improving and Still Passing the ALife Test: Component-Normalised Activity Statistics Classify Evolution in Geb as Unbounded. 2003
Shengxiang Yang. Adaptive Crossover in Genetic Algorithms Using Statistics Mechanism. 2003
Daniel W. Franks, Jason Noble. The Origins of Mimicry Rings. 2003
Seth Bullock. Will Selection for Mutational Robustness Significantly Retard Evolutionary Innovation on Neutral Networks?. 2003
Gina M. B. Oliveira, Jose C. Bortot, Pedro P. B. de Oliveira. Multiobjective Evolutionary Search for One-Dimensional Cellular Automata in the Density Classification Task. 2003
Hiroshi Ito, Takashi Ikegami. Evolutionary Dynamics of a Food Web with Recursive Branching and Extinction. 2003
Takashi Ikegami, Tomoharu Iwata, Koh Hashimoto. A Network of Dynamic Keystone Species. 2003
Tom Lenaerts, Anne Defaweux, Piet van Remortel, Joke Reumers, Bernard Manderick. Multi-level Selection and Immune Networks: Preliminary Discussion of an Abstract Model. 2003
Tim F. Cooper, Charles Ofria. Evolution of Stable Ecosystems in Populations of Digital Organisms. 2003
Andre Skusa, Mark A. Bedau. Towards a Comparison of Evolutionary Creativity in Biological and Cultural Evolution. 2003
Peter Eggenberger Hotz, Gabriel Gomez, Rolf Pfeifer. Evolving the Morphology of a Neural Network for Controlling a Foveating Retina -- and its Test on a Real Robot. 2003
Janne Haverinen, Juha Roning. A Stochastic Evolutionary Neuron Migration Process with Emerged Hebbian Dynamics. 2003
Amelie Schmolke, Hanspeter A. Mallot. Territory Formation in Mobile Robots. 2003
Elaine Catterall, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Martin Strohbach. Self-Organization in Ad Hoc Sensor Networks: An Empirical Study. 2003
Bertrand Mesot, Eduardo Sanchez, Carlos-Andres Pena, Andres Perez-Uribe. SOS++: Finding Smart Behaviors Using Learning and Evolution. 2003
Tom Smith, Philip Husbands, Andy Philippides, Michael O'Shea. Temporally Adaptive Networks: Analysis of GasNet Robot Control Networks. 2003
Matthias Scheutz, Paul Schermerhorn. Steps Towards a Systematic Investigation of Possible Evolutionary Trajectories from Reactive to Deliberative Control Systems. 2003
Andy Philippides, Philip Husbands, Tom Smith, Michael O'Shea. Fast and Loose: Biologically Inspired Couplings. 2003
Matt Quinn, Lincoln Smith, Giles Mayley, Philip Husbands. Evolving Teamwork and Role-Allocation with Real Robots. 2003
Jason Teo, Hussein A. Abbass. Multi-Objectivity for Brain-Behavior Evolution of a Physically-Embodied Organism. 2003
Hiroyuki Iizuka, Takashi Ikegami. Simulating Turn-Taking Behaviours with Coupled Dynamical Recognizers. 2003
Jon Klein. breve: a 3D Environment for the Simulation of Decentralized Systems and Artificial Life. 2003
Dario Floreano, Nicolas Schoeni, Gilles Caprari, Jesper Blynel. Evolutionary Bits'n'Spikes. 2003
Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Daniel Polani, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Rene te Boekhorst, Lola Canamero. Meaningful Information, Sensor Evolution, and the Temporal Horizon of Embodied Organisms. 2003
Jin Akaishi, Takaya Arita. Misperception, Communication and Diversity. 2003
Steven Mascaro, Kevin B. Korb, Ann E. Nicholson. ALife Investigation of Parental Investment in Reproductive Strategies. 2003
O. Burchan Bayazit, Jyh-Ming Lien, Nancy M. Amato. Better Group Behaviors in Complex Environments using Global Roadmaps. 2003
Zachary Mason. Programming with Stigmergy: Using Swarms for Construction. 2003
Pedro Mariano, Luis Correia. The Effect of Agreements in a Game with Multiple Strategies for Cooperation. 2003
Jason Noble, Daniel W. Franks. Social Learning Mechanisms Compared in a Simple Environment. 2003
Tamon Oboshi, Shohei Kato, Atsuko Mutoh, Hidenori Itoh. Collective or Scattering: Evolving Schooling Behaviors to Escape from Predator. 2003
Mark Dras, K. David Harrison. Emergent Behavior in Phonological Pattern Change. 2003
Anders Eriksson, Kristian Lindgren. Cooperation in an Unpredictable Environment. 2003
Dominique Gross, Barry McMullin. The Creation of Novelty in Artificial Chemistries. 2003
Tatsuo Unemi. SBEAT3: A Tool for Multi-part Music Composition by Simulated Breeding. 2003
Pavel O. Luksha. Formal Definition of Self-reproductive Systems. 2003
Stephen Jones. Organizing Relations and Emergence. 2003
Alan Dorin, Jon McCormack. Self-Assembling Dynamical Hierarchies. 2003