Short works

Books : reviews

Andrew Adamatzky, Lawrence Bull, Ben De Lacy Costello, Susan Stepney, Christof Teuscher, eds.
Unconventional Computing 2007.
Luniver Press. 2007

(read but not reviewed)


Matthias Bechmann, John A. Clark, Angelika Sebald, Susan Stepney. Unentangling nuclear magnetic resonance computing. 2007
Simon O'Keefe. Implementation of logical operations on a domino substrate. 2007
William M. Stevens. A kinematic Turing machine. 2007
Effirul I. Ramlan, Klaus-Peter Zauner. Nucleic acid enzymes: The fusion of self-assembly and conformational computing. 2007
Ed Blakey. On the computational complexity of physical computing systems .. 2007
Navneet Bhalla, Peter J. Bentley, Christian Jacob. Mapping virtual self-assembly rules to physical systems. 2007
Willem Fouche, Johannes Heidema, Glyn Jones, Petrus H. Potgieter. Halting in quantum Turing computation. 2007
Kohta Suzuki, Satoshi Murata. Design of DNA spike oscillator. 2007
Kaoru Onodera. The computing power of structured molecules with gaps: Watson-Crick insertion systems. 2007
Mike Stannett. Physical hypercomputation. 2007
Jeff Jones, Mohammed Saeed. Collective perception of absolute brightness from relative contrast information -- an emergent pattern formation approach. 2007
Masayuki Ikebe, Yusuke Kitauchi. Evaluation of a multi-path maze-solving cellular automata by using a virtual slime-mold model. 2007
Takashi Morie, Takahiro Yamamoto. A cellular-automaton-based anisotropic diffusion algorithm for subjective contour generation and its digital VLSI implementation. 2007
Xin-She Yang, Young Z. L. Yang. Cellular automata networks. 2007
Eugene S. Kitamura, Yukio-Pegio Gunji. Wholeness based on gluing of incomplete information. 2007