Short works

Books : reviews

John W. Campbell Jr.
The Best of John W Campbell.


Forgetfulness. 1937
Who Goes There?. 1938
Double Minds.
Out of Night.
The Cloak of Aesir.

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Prologue to Analog.


Isaac Asimov. Belief. 1953
Ralph Williams. Business as Usual, During Alterations.
Joseph P. Martino. Pushbutton War. 1962
Christopher Anvil. Pandora's Planet. 1962
Rick Raphael. A Filbert is a Nut. 1962
H. Beam Piper. Omnilingual. 1957
J.F Bone. Triggerman. 1962
Randall Garrett, Robert Silverberg. Sound Decision. 1962
Roger Kuykendall. We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Hardly. 1962
Eric Frank Russell. Minor Ingredient. 1962

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Analog 1.


Lloyd Biggle Jr. Monument. 1963
Teddy Keller. The Plague. 1963
T. R. Fehrenbach. Remember the Alamo!. 1963
Christopher Anvil. The Hunch. 1963
Poul Anderson. Barnacle Bull. 1960
Sterling E. Lanier. Join Our Gang?. 1963
Gordon R. Dickson. Sleight of Wit. 1963
Leigh Richmond. Prologue to an Analogue. 1963

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Analog 2.


Theodore L Thomas. The Weather Man. 1964
Mack Reynolds. Good Indian. 1964
Allen Kim Lang. Blind Man's Lantern. 1964
William Lee. Junior Achievement. 1964
James H. Schmitz. Novice. 1962
15 year-old genius Telzey Amberdon discovers she is a xenotelepath when she visits Jontarou with her pet Tick-Tock, and encounters the natives
John T. Phillifent. Ethical Quotient. 1964
Christopher Anvil. Philosopher's Stone. 1964
R. C. Fitzpatrick. The Circuit Riders. 1964

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Analog 3.


Gordon R. Dickson. Hilifter. 1965
Christopher Anvil. Not in the Literature. 1965
Rick Raphael. Sonny. 1965
John Berryman. The Trouble With Telstar. 1965
Clifford D. Simak. New Folk's Home. 1963
Poul Anderson. Industrial Revolution. 1965
Seaton McKettrig. A World By the Tale. 1965
Jonathan Blake MacKenzie. Thin Edge. 1965

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Analog: December 1968.
Conde Nast. 1968


Technological Status (editorial). 1968
James H. Schmitz. The Custodians. 1968
The Rilf mercenaries think the University asteroid will make a good landing stage before they move on to Earth, and expect an easy take-over. But there's more to the asteroid than meets the eye.
Theodore Litwell. A Learning Experience. 1968
Jack Wodhams. The Form Master. 1968
Stanley Schmidt. The Reluctant Ambassadors. 1968
Joseph F. Goodavage. Situation of Some Gravity. 1968
Joe Poyer. Pipeline. 1968

John W. Campbell Jr.
The Black Star Passes.
Ace. 1930


Piracy Preferred. 1930
Solarite. 1930
The Black Star Passes. 1930

John W. Campbell Jr, ed.
Astounding: November 1956.
Street and Smith. 1956


The Invisible River (editorial). 1956
James H. Schmitz. Sour Note on Palayata. 1956
The natives on Palayata have an impossible civilisation. Pilch and a Psychology Service team are sent to find out what the X factor is, and whether it poses a threat to the Hub.
Reginald Bretnor. The Doorstop. 1956
Randall Garrett. With All the Trappings. 1956
Poul Anderson. The Troublesome Dimensions (nf). 1956
Robert Silverberg. Sourdough. 1956