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Gordon R. Dickson.
The Last Dream.
Baen. 1953


St. Dragon and the George. 1957
The Present State of Igneous Research. 1975
Ye Prentice and ye Dragon. 1975
A Case History. 1954
The Girl Who Played Wolf. 1958
Salmanazar. 1957
With Butter and Mustard. 1957
The Amulet. 1959
The Haunted Village. 1961
The Three. 1953
Walker Between the Planes. 1970
The Last Dream. 1960

Gordon R. Dickson.
Ancient, My Enemy.


The Monkey Wrench. 1951
Love Me True. 1961
Ancient, My Enemy. 1969
The Odd Ones. 1955
Tiger Green. 1965
The Friendly Man. 1951
Our First Death. 1955
In the Bone. 1966
The Bleak and Barren Land. 1952

Gordon R. Dickson, ed.


Anne McCaffrey. The Greatest Love. 1977
(written 1956) Peter Kellogg's wife, Cecily, can't have children. So his twin sister Patricia agrees to be a host mother. But Cecily's mother is surprisingly hostile to the procedure.
Joan Hunter Holly. Psi Clone. 1977
Jeffrey A. Carver. Love Rogo. 1977

Gordon R. Dickson.
In Iron Years.


In Iron Years. 1974
Homecoming. 1959
A Taste of Tenure. 1961
The Hours Are Good. 1960
Gifts. 1958
Zeepsday. 1956
Things Which Are Caesar's. 1972

Gordon R. Dickson.
Love Not Human.


Black Charlie. 1954
Moon, June, Spoon, Croon. 1955
The Summer Visitors. 1960
Listen. 1952
Graveyard. 1953
Fido. 1957
The Breaking of Jerry McCloud. 1953
Love Me True. 1961
The Christmas Present. 1958
It Hardly Seems Fair. 1960
The Mortal and the Monster. == The Monster and the Maiden. 1976

Gordon R. Dickson.
Time to Teleport / Delusion World.
Ace. 1981

The world was quiet—and that was bad…

…for it was the quiet not of peace but of stagnation. Strife was ended but so was progress, growth, human striving—except in the hidden laboratories and redoubts of the underground Members of Humanity. They dared to look ahead; they dared to try and struggle and learn and move forward.

And unless Eli Johnstone, Spokesman for the Autonomous Group that runs the world, can come to grips with their unflinching dedication to the future, they could just be the spark to blow a planet apart…

Gordon R. Dickson.
Time to Teleport.

Gordon R. Dickson.
Delusion World.

Gordon R. Dickson.
Tactics of Mistake.
Sphere. 1971

(read but not reviewed)

Planets were the pawns in their quest for power.

The men of the Dorsai were the finest fighting soldiers in the universe, mercenary troops without equal.

Their talents were devastatingly employed on Kultis, where a bloody little war raged between the Western Alliance and the Eastern Coalition. But not even the Dorsai could anticipate the dramatic effect of Cletus Grahame’s brilliant mind and the galaxy-shaking theory he called ‘The Tactics of Mistake’.

The story of how Cletus Grahame risked his life, the fate of three worlds, and ultimately the whole of the Dorsai to prove that a mistake may remake worlds is a classic of science fiction.

Gordon R. Dickson, David W. Wixon.
Tor. 2007

Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson.
Earthman's Burden.
Avon. 1957


The Sheriff of Canyon Gulch. == Heroes are Made. 1951
Don Jones. 1957
In Hoka Signo Vinces. 1953
The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound. 1953
Yo Ho Hoka!. 1955
The Tiddlywink Warriors. 1955

Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson.
Star Prince Charlie.
Berkley. 1975

rating : 4.5 : passes the time
review : 1 August 2002

Charles Edward Stuart, bookish son of a space captain, is off for a tour of Talyina in the charge of his Hoka tutor, currently being stuffy Oxford don Bertram Cecil Featherstone Smyth-Cholmondoley. It looks set to be a straightforward week, until they discover Talyina is ruled by a tyrant, and the Hoka takes it into his head that his young charge is the Prince of the Prophecy, and takes on the persona of Hector MacGregor, sworn man of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Charlie finds himself swept along by events, and maybe helping an even worse tyrant than the one being overthrown.

This is fairly standard coming of age fare, enlivened mainly by the way Charlie manages to perform the Five Feats of the prophecy, and the chapter titles.

Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson.
Hokas Pokas!.
Baen. 2000

rating : 4.5 : passes the time
review : 1 August 2002

Three stories about the Hokas, a teddy-bear-like alien race that live out extreme fantasy lives. The authors keep explaining that the Hokas aren't mad, but I'm afraid I don't believe them.


Full Pack (Hokas Wild). 1957
First the Hokas read The Jungle Book, then along come Shere-Khan and Kaa
The Napoleon Crime. 1983
Someone is feeding the Hokas warlike histories, stirring up trouble. It's time for Hornblower and Wellington to fight back.
Star Prince Charlie. 1975
[see Star Prince Charlie review]