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Michael G. Coney.
Friends Come in Boxes.


Creche. 1973
The Never Girl. 1973
Menagerie. 1973
Charity Run. 1973
A Woman and Her Friend. 1973

Michael G. Coney.
Hello Summer, Goodbye.
Pan. 1975

On an alien planet, whose erratic orbit creates peculiar tidal effects – grumes – and whose denizens live in terror of extreme cold, strange hazards lie just below the smiling surface. In a world of ice-devils, grume-riders and the silky-furred Lorin, humanoid beings make love and make war.

On the coast at Pallahaxi, young Drove pursues his passion for the girl Browneyes. Around him war creates a state of siege and the deadly cold claims more and more victims, as it inexorably overtakes the planet…