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Omni - August 79.


George R. R. Martin. Sandkings. 1979
Robert A. Heinlein. The Notebooks of Lazarus Long. 1973
Orson Scott Card. Quietus. 1979
John Anthony West. The Fox and the Hedgehog. 1979

Omni - December 79.


Spider Robinson. Soul Search. 1979
Gene Wolfe. War beneath the Tree. 1979
Dean Ing. Sam and the Dirty Murder. 1979
David A. Tarr. Night before Christmas, 2001. 1979

Baikonur: The World's First Cosmodrome.
Novosti Press Agency. 1975

The Athiest's Guide to Christmas.
Friday Books. 2009

The Dr Who Annual 1979.
World Distributors (Manchester) Ltd. 1978

The Dr Who Celebration: Twenty Years of a Time Lord: commemorative programme.

Doctor Who Special: Journey through Time.
Galley Press / W.H Smith. 1984

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Vision of Tomorrow 1.


William F. Temple. When in Doubt - Destroy!. 1969
Jack Wodhams. Anchor Man. 1969
Kenneth Bulmer. Swords for a Guide. 1969
Michael G. Coney. Sixth Sense. 1969
Lee Harding. Consumer Report. 1969
Damien Broderick. The Vault. 1969
Stanislaw Lem. Are You There, Mr. Jones?. 1969
Walter Gillings. First Encounters. == The Impatient Dreamers 1. 1969

Vision of Tomorrow 2.


E. C. Tubb. Quarry. 1969
Michael G. Coney. A Judge of Men. 1969
Douglas Fulthorpe. Strictly Legal. 1969
Douglas R. Mason. Moonchip. 1969
Dan Morgan. Frozen Assets. 1969
William F. Temple. Echo. 1969
Jack Wodhams. Undercover Weapon. 1969
Lee Harding. Dancing Gerontius. 1969
Maurice Whitta. Minos. 1969
Walter Gillings. Aims and Objects. == The Impatient Dreamers 2. 1969

Vision of Tomorrow 3.


Kenneth Bulmer. Shapers of Men. 1969
Eric C. Williams. Number 7. 1969
David Rome. People Like You. 1969
E. C. Tubb. Lucifer!. 1969
Philip E. High. The Adapters. 1969
Brian Waters. The Nixhill Monsters. 1969
Sydney J. Bounds. World to Conquer. 1969
Brian M. Stableford. Prisoner in the Ice. 1969
Franz Rottensteiner. Science Fiction in Germany. 1969
Walter Gillings. Shadow of the Master. == The Impatient Dreamers 3. 1969

Vision of Tomorrow 4.


E. C. Tubb. Trojan Horse. 1970
Jack Wodhams. The Ill Wind. 1970
Sydney J. Bounds. Ward 13. 1970
Christopher Priest. Breeding Ground. 1970
Eric Harris. Time-Slip. 1970
Philip E. High. Psycho-Land. 1970
Harold G. Nye. Takeover. 1970
Peter L Cave. Prime Order. 1970
Walter Gillings. Science Fiction Weakly. == The Impatient Dreamers 4. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 5.


William F. Temple. Life of the Party. 1970
Douglas R. Mason. Dinner of Herbs. 1970
Philip E. High. Technical Wizard. 1970
Dan Morgan. Flanagan's Law. 1970
Sydney J. Bounds. One of the Family. 1970
Jack Wodhams. On Greatgrandfather's Knee. 1970
Damien Broderick. Incubation. 1970
Robert Bowden. After Ragnarok. 1970
Walter Gillings. Hands Across the Sea. == The Impatient Dreamers 5. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 6.


E. C. Tubb. Full-Five. 1970
Richard A. Gordon. The Phoenix People. 1970
John Brunner. Fifth Commandment. 1970
Frank Bryning. The Visitors. 1970
Damien Broderick. The Star-Mutants. 1970
Walter Gillings. Year of the Blast-Off. == The Impatient Dreamers 6. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 7.


Jack Wodhams. Zwoppover. 1970
John Russell Fearn. Into the Unknown. 1970
Douglas R. Mason. Rejection Syndrome. 1970
Lee Harding. Rebirth. 1970
Sydney J. Bounds. Limbo Rider. 1970
Walter Gillings. Something Old, Something New. == The Impatient Dreamers 7. 1970
David A. Hardy. The Moons of Jupiter. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 8.


Lee Harding. The Custodian. 1970
Kenneth Bulmer. The Scales of Friendship. 1970
Peter L Cave. Lost in Translation. 1970
K. W. Eaton. Transference. 1970
Philip E. High. Fixed Image. 1970
John Russell Fearn, Sydney J. Bounds. The Ghost Sun. 1970
Walter Gillings. The Way of the Prophet. == The Impatient Dreamers 8. 1970
David A. Hardy. The Planet of Great Extremes. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 9.


Peter L Cave. Rebel Planet. 1970
A. Bertram Chandler. The Bitter Pill. 1970
Harold G. Nye. The Changer. 1970
Sydney J. Bounds. Musicale. 1970
Frank Bryning. Election. 1970
Eddy C. Bertin. Shadows of Fear. 1970
E. C. Tubb. A Matter of Survival. 1970
Peter Oldale. Problem Child. 1970
John Carnell. The Magazine that Nearly Was. == The Impatient Dreamers 9. 1970
William F. Temple. The Saga of the Flat. == The Impatient Dreamers 9. 1970
David A. Hardy. Forbidden Planet. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 10.


Lee Harding. Echoes of Armageddon. 1970
John Brunner. Fairy Tale. 1970
Christopher Priest. Nothing Like the Sun. 1970
Robert J Tilley. The Dark Corners. 1970
Sydney J. Bounds. No Greater Love. 1970
David Somers. Blind Eye. 1970
Robert Bowden. Cycle. 1970
John Baxter. A Dream of Great Cities. == Memories of the Future 1. 1970
E. C. Tubb. Reality in S.F.. 1970
Walter Gillings. Topless in Utopia. == The Impatient Dreamers 10. 1970
David A. Hardy. The Double Planet. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 11.


John Russell Fearn. Rule of the Brains. 1970
E. C. Tubb. Spawn of Jupiter. 1970
Kenneth Bulmer. Culpable in Glass. 1970
Michael Moorcock. Last Vigil. 1970
Bob Shaw. Cold Crucible. 1970
Damien Broderick. The Ultimate Weapon. 1970
John Baxter. Writers vs. Hollywood. == Memories of the Future 2. 1970
Walter Gillings. Pages in Waiting. == The Impatient Dreamers 11. 1970

Vision of Tomorrow 12.


Norman Lazenby. Lalee. 1970
Lee Harding. Cassandra's Castle. 1970
Brian N. Ball. The Fauntleroy Syndrome. 1970
Richard A. Gordon. All the World's a Stage. 1970
John Russell Fearn. The Slitherers. 1970
John Baxter. New Bottles, Old Wine. == Memories of the Furture 3. 1970
John Carnell. The Birth of New Worlds. == The Impatient Dreamers 12. 1970
David A. Hardy. Mars: Not So Friendly Neighbour. 1970

Path Into the Unknown.


Ilya Varshavsky. The Conflict.
Ilya Varshavsky. Robby.
Vladislav Krapivin. Meeting My Brother.
Sever Gansovsky. A Day of Wrath.
Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky. An Emergency Case.
Arkady Strugatsky. Wanderers and Travellers.
G. Gor. The Boy.
Anatoly Dneprov. The Purple Mummy.

The Frozen Planet and other stories.


Keith Laumer. The Frozen Planet. == Courier. 1961
F.L Wallace. Growing Season. 1959
Allen Kim Lang. Cinderella Story. 1961
Daniel Keyes. The Quality of Mercy. 1960
Clifford D. Simak. Gleaners. 1960

Taverna Press. 1995


Neil Williamson. Junk. 1995
Paul F. Cockburn. Things to Come. 1995
Angus McAllister. The Software Ripper. 1995
Harvey Welles, Philip Raines. Body Politics. 1995
Veronica Colin. A Basket of Stones. 1995
Gary M. Gibson. Touched by an Angel. 1994
Richard Hammersley. Lava Dick has the Blues. 1995
Andrew C. Ferguson. Replicator. 1991
Fergus Bannon. Burning Brightly. 1993
Michael Cobley. Corrosion. 1992
Andrew J. Wilson. Viral Programme. 1994

Adventure Comics : Sep 1965.
DC. 1965

The True Identity of Starfinger.

The Sixth Clark Kent.

80 Page Giant Superboy : May 1965.
DC. 1965

Journey of the Second Superboy.

Imposter from the Year 2958.

Dreams of Doom.


Action Comics : Nov 1966.
DC. 1966

Eterno the Immortal.

Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl's Pal.

Superman : Jan 1968.
DC. 1967


Clark Kent, former Superman.

Struggle of the two Supermen.

ADT: Advanced Disc Toolkit Manual.
Advanced Computer Products Ltd. 1985

3B2/ST60 Streaming Tape Manual: 3rd edn.
Olivetti. 1987

Winchester Disc Filing System User Guide.
Acorn Computers. 1984

45 MB Removable Hard Disk Drive Systems: installation procedures.
MicroNet Technology Inc. 1990

Brighton and Hove Street Plan.

(read but not reviewed)

Brighton and Hove Street Plan.

(read but not reviewed)

The Forth Road Bridge.
Forth Road Bridge Joint Board. 1964