Short works

Books : reviews

James Edwin Gunn.
Future Imperfect.


The Misogynist. 1952
The Last Word. 1964
Little Orphan Android. 1955
The Stilled Patter. 1956
Skin Game. 1958
Every Day Is Christmas. 1957
The Girls Who Were Really Built. == Neosho's Choicest. 1958
Survival Policy. 1952
Tsylana. 1956
Feeding. 1955

James Edwin Gunn, ed.
From Gilgamesh to Wells.


Lucian de Samosata. (from) A True Story. 170
anon. (from) The Voyages and Travels of Sir John Mandeville. 1350
Thomas More. (from) Utopia. 1515
Tommaso Campanella. (from) The City of the Sun. 1623
Francis Bacon. (from) The New Atlantis. 1627
Johannes Kepler. (from) Somnium, or Lunar Astronomy. 1634
Cyrano de Bergerac. (from) A Voyage to the Moon. 1657
Jonathan Swift. (from) A Voyage to Laputa. 1726
Ludvig Holberg. (from) The Journey to the World Underground. 1741
Mary Shelley. (from) Frankenstein. 1818
Nathaniel Hawthorne. Rappaccini's Daughter. 1844
Edgar Allan Poe. Mellonta Tauta. 1848
Fitz-James O'Brien. The Diamond Lens. 1858
Jules Verne. (from) Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea. 1870
Jules Verne. (from) Around the Moon. 1870
H. Rider Haggard. (from) She. 1887
Edward Bellamy. (from) Looking Backward, 2000-1887. 1888
Ambrose Bierce. The Damned Thing. 1898
Rudyard Kipling. With the Night Mail. 1905
H. G. Wells. The Star. 1977