Short works

Books : reviews

Joe Haldeman, ed.
Study War No More.


Harry Harrison. Commando Raid. 1970
Damon Knight. Rule Golden. 1954
William Nabors. The State of Ultimate Peace. 1974
To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal. 1974
Mack Reynolds. Mercenary. 1962
Ben Bova. The Duelling Machine. 1969
Harlan Ellison. Basilisk. 1972
George Alec Effinger. Curtains. 1974
Isaac Asimov. By the Numbers. 1973
Poul Anderson. A Man to My Wounding. == State of Assassination. 1959

Joe Haldeman.
Infinite Dreams.


To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal. 1974
Counterpoint. 1972
Anniversary Project. 1974
The Mazel Tov Revolution. 1974
A Mind of His Own. 1974
All the Universe in a Mason Jar. 1977
The Private War of Private Jacob. 1974
A Time to Live. 1977
Juryrigged. 1974
Summer's Lease. == Truth to Tell. 1974
26 Days, On Earth. 1972
Armaja Days. 1976
Tricentennial. 1976

Joe Haldeman.
Dealing in Futures.
Orbit. 1984


Blood Brothers. 1979
The Pilot. 1979
Seasons. 1985
A !Tangled Web. 1981
How to trade effectively with the apologetic !tang.
"I die. [Series of improbable events leading to implausible disaster.] All die. O the embrassment."
Manifest Destiny. 1983
Blood Sisters. 1979
You Can Never Go Back. 1975
More than the Sum of His Parts. 1985
Seven and the Stars. 1981
Lindsay and the Red City Blues. 1980
No Future in it. 1979
The Big Bang Theory Explained. 1985
The Gift. 1984
Saul's Death. 1982

Joe Haldeman.
The Coming.
Ace. 2000

Joe Haldeman.
Forever Free.
Millennium. 1999