Novacon 30

[Programme Book] Novacon 30
10-12 November 2000, Britannia Hotel, Birmingham

[David A. Hardy

GoHs: Christopher Priest , (special guest) Rog Peyton, (artist) David A. Hardy


Rog Peyton: Special Guest interview

Panel -- What's Hot and What's Not

Del Cotter, Chris O'Shea, Yvonne Rowse, Jennifer Swift, Paul Kincaid

Each panelist names one book you absolutely must read -- and one to avoid like the plague

Christopher Priest: GoH talk

(I missed the first part of this)

Debate -- The role of SF conventions

Eastercons no longer have competing bids -- some barely scrape a bid at all. Have conventions had their day?

Panel -- Judging a book by its cover

Brian Amerigen, Dave Hardy, Rog Peyton, Julian Headlong

What makes us pick up a book in the first place -- title, author cover art, blurb, quotes, reviews?

Panel -- Yesterday's tomorrows

Claire Brialey, Kev McVeigh, Farah Mendlesohn

The panelists choose their favourite fictional tomorrow -- and say whether they want to live in it

The book and art auction overran -- surprise -- so this panel was held in the bar, with the audience snuggled up to hear the unamplified panel -- very cosy.

[Space Art errors illustrated]

Dave Hardy -- GoH live painting

Panel -- The future of SF

Andrew Butler, Steve Jeffery, John Meaney, Christopher Priest, Caroline Mullan

At the dawn of a new century, does SF have a future, and what shape might it take?

The panel was beginning to wind up -- when the fire alarm went. We all evacuated in an orderly manner from the 9th floor programme room. Fire engines arrived -- but fortunately it was just "a fault on the panel" (the fire panel, not the con panel!)