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George R. R. Martin.
A Song for Lya.


With Morning Comes Mistfall. 1973
The Second Kind of Loneliness. 1972
Override. 1973
Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels. 1973
The Hero. 1971
fta. 1974
Run to Starlight. 1974
The Exit to San Breta. 1972
Slide Show. 1973
A Song for Lya. 1974

George R. R. Martin, ed.
Songs of Stars and Shadows.


This Tower of Ashes. 1976
Patrick Henry, Jupiter, and the Little Red Brick Spaceship. 1976
George R. R. Martin, Howard Waldrop. Men of Greywater Station. 1976
The Lonley Songs of Laren Dorr. 1976
Night of the Vampyres. 1975
The Runners. 1975
Night Shift. 1973
"... for a Single Yesterday". 1975
And Seven Times Never Kill Man. 1975

George R. R. Martin.


The Way of Cross and Dragon. 1979
Bitterblooms. 1977
In the House of the Worm. 1976
Fast-Friend. 1976
The Stone City. 1977
Starlady. 1976
Sandkings. 1979

George R. R. Martin.
The Armageddon Rag.
Gollancz. 1983

Sex, drugs, rock … and murder

Onetime underground journalist Sandy Blair has travelled far from his radical roots in the ’60s – until the bizarre and brutal murder of a millionaire rock promoter draws him back.

As Sandy sets out to investigate the crime, he finds himself on a magical mystery tour of the pent-up passions of his generation. For a new messiah has resurrected the once legendary rock band Nazgul – but with an apocalyptic new beat that is a requiem of demonism, mind control, and death only Sandy may be able to change in time…

George R. R. Martin.
Tuf Voyaging.
VG SF. 1986

(read but not reviewed)


The Plague Star. 1985
Loaves and Fishes. 1985
Guardians. 1981
Second Helpings. 1985
A Beast for Norn. 1986
Call Him Moses. 1978
Manna from Heaven. 1985