Books : reviews

Amabel Williams-Ellis, Mably Owen, eds.
Out of This World 2 & 5.


Damon Knight. Four in One.
Jack Vance. The Gift of Gab. 1956
James White. Trouble With Emily. 1962
John Kippax. The Dusty Death.
Robert Presslie. Another Word for Man.
Colin Kapp. Railways up on Cannis.
J. T. McIntosh. Machine Made.
Brian W. Aldiss. But Who Can Replace a Man?.
Lester del Rey. The Still Waters.
Philip E. High. Bottomless Pit.
E. B. White. The Hour of Letdown.
John Christopher. Colonial.
John Brunner. Badman.
Con Pederson. Pushover Planet.
Vadim Okhotnikov. The Fiction Machines.
William Tenn. Winthrop Was Stubborn.