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Books : reviews

Brian W. Aldiss, Harry Harrison, eds.
Farewell, Fantastic Venus!: a history of the planet Venus in fact and fiction.

(read but not reviewed)


Arthur C. Clarke. Before Eden. 1961
George Griffith. Honeymoon in Space. 1968
Poul Anderson. The Big Rain. 1954
Evert Clark. Scientist says icecaps on Venus would make life possible. 1968
S. Makepeace Lott. Escape to Venus. 1968
John de Courcy, Doroth de Courcy. Alchemy. 1950
Robert Ball. The Story of the Heavens. 1968
John Munro. A Trip to Venus. 1968
C. S. Lewis. Perelandra. 1940
Edgar Rice Burroughs. Pirates of Venus. 1932
John Davy. Venus Mystery for Scientists. 1967
Frank R. Paul. The Man from Venus. 1939
Olaf Stapledon. Last and First Men. 1930
Svante Arrhenius. The Destinies of the Stars. 1968
Henry Gade. A City on Venus. 1941
anon. Dream of Distance. 1967
Willy Ley. Unveiling the Mystery Planet. 1955
Bernard Lovell. Some Mysteries of Venus Resolved. 1967
Poul Anderson. Sister Planet. 1959
Carl Sagan. Intelligent Life in the Universe. 1966
V. A. Firsoff. Exploring the Planets. 1964

Brian W. Aldiss, ed.
The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus.


Isaac Asimov. Nightfall. 1941
William Tenn. Eastward Ho!. 1958
Eric Frank Russell. Sole Solution. 1956
Arthur C. Clarke. Before Eden. 1961
Isaac Asimov. Jokester. 1956
Ward Moore. Lot. 1953
John Steinbeck. The Short-Short Story of Mankind. 1958
Clifford D. Simak. Skirmish. == Bathe Your Bearings in Blood!. 1950
Poor Little Warrior!. 1958
James H. Schmitz. Grandpa. 1955
Cord tries to warn the Plenetary Regent that Grandpa, a large vegetable raft, is not longer safe, but no-one listens. So when it hijacks the crew and turns carnivorous, it's up to him to figure out why.
A. Bertram Chandler. The Half Pair. 1957
Walter M. Miller Jr. Command Performance. == Anybody Else Like Me?. 1952
A. E. van Vogt. Fulfilment. 1952
Katherine MacLean. The Snowball Effect. 1952
A sociology professor needs to prove the worth of his discipline. So he demonstrates how institutions can grow, given the right rules and incentives. But he forgot to include a way to stop the sewing circle from growing...
Algis Budrys. The End of Summer. 1954
John Brunner. The Windows of Heaven. 1956
J. G. Ballard. Track 12. 1958
Gordon R. Dickson. The Monkey Wrench. 1951
A. Bertram Chandler. The Cage. 1957
Howard Fast. The First Men. 1960
Alan E. Nourse. Counterfeit. 1952
Tom Godwin. The Greater Thing. 1954
Damon Knight. The Country of the Kind. 1956
Howard Schoenfeld. Build Up Logically. 1950
Arthur Porges. The Rescuer. 1962
William Tenn. The Liberation of Earth. 1953
Harry Harrison. An Alien Agony. 1962
H. B. Fyfe. Protected Species. 1951
Frederik Pohl. The Tunnel Under the World. 1954
Robert Sheckley. The Store of the Worlds. 1959
Arthur C. Clarke. The Forgotten Enemy. 1949
Robert Abernathy. Pyramid. 1954
Theodore R. Cogswell. The Wall Around the World. 1953
Walter M. Miller Jr. I Made You. 1954
C. M. Kornbluth. MS Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie. 1957
James Blish. Common Time. 1953

Harry Harrison, Brian W. Aldiss, eds.
The Astounding-Analog Reader Book One.


John W. Campbell Jr. Forgetfulness. 1937
Raymond Z. Gallun. Seeds of the Dusk. 1938
Harry Bates. Farewell to the Master. 1940
P. Schuyler Miller. Trouble on Tantalus. 1941
Ross Rocklynne. Time Wants a Skeleton. 1941
Isaac Asimov. Nightfall. 1941
Robert A. Heinlein. By His Bootstraps. 1941

Harry Harrison, Brian W. Aldiss, eds.
The Astounding-Analog Reader Book Two.


Alfred Bester. The Push of a Finger. 1942
Henry Kuttner. Clash by Night. 1943
A. E. van Vogt. The Storm. 1943
Clifford D. Simak. City. 1944
Murray Leinster. First Contact. 1945
A. Bertram Chandler. Giant Killer. 1945
Fredric Brown. Placet is a Crazy Place. 1946
Henry Kuttner, C. L. Moore. Vintage Season. 1946