Short works

Books : reviews

John Preston, Mark Bishop, eds.
Views into the Chinese Room: new essays on Searle and artificial intelligence.
OUP. 2002


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Terry Winograd. Understanding, Orientations, and Objectivity. 2002
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B. Jack Copeland. The Chinese Room from a Logical Point of View. 2002
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Georges Rey. Searle's Misunderstandings of Functionalism and Strong AI. 2002
Roger Penrose. Consciousness, Computation, and the Chinese Room. 2002
Igor Aleksander. Neural Depictions of 'World' and 'Self': Bringing Computational Understanding to the Chinese Room. 2002
John G. Taylor. Do Virtual Actions Avoid the Chinese Room?. 2002
Stevan Harnad. Minds, Machines, and Searle 2: What's Right and Wrong about the Chinese Room Argument. 2002
Kevin Warwick. Alien Encounters. 2002
Alison Adam. Cyborgs in the Chinese Room: Boundaries Transgressed and Boundaries Blurred. 2002
Michael Wheeler. Change in the Rules: Computers, Dynamical Systems, and Searle. 2002
Mark Bishop. Dancing With Pixies: Strong Artificial Intelligence and Panpsychism. 2002
John Haugeland. Syntax, Semantics, Physics. 2002