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Bob Shaw.
The Two-Timers.
Ace. 1968

Bob Shaw.
1 Million Tomorrows.
Pan. 1970

Bob Shaw.
Tomorrow Lies in Ambush.
Pan. 1973


Telemart 3. 1970
Call Me Dumbo. 1966
Repeat Performance. 1960
...And Isles Where Good Men Lie. 1965
What Time Do You Call This?. 1971
Communication. 1970
The Cosmic Cocktail Party. 1970
The Happiest Day of Your Life. 1970
The Weapons of Isher II. 1971
Pilot Plant. 1966
Invasion of Privacy. 1970

Bob Shaw.
Cosmic Kaleidoscope.
Pan. 1976


Skirmish on a Summer Morning. 1976
Unreasonable Facsimile. 1974
A Full Member of the Club. 1974
The Silent Partners. 1959
The Giaconda Caper. 1976
An Uncomic Book Horror Story. 1975
The Brink. 1972
Waltz of the Bodysnatchers. 1976
A Little Night Flying. == Dark Icarus. 1975

David A. Hardy, Bob Shaw.
Galactic Tours: Thomas Cook out of this world vacations.

(read but not reviewed)

Bored with the Bahamas? Fed up with Florida? Sated with Singapore? Then join Thomas Cook for the ultimate in getaway vacations:

• Marvel at the luminous beauty of the flying cities of Pharonla
• Sample the exquisite delights of low-gravity souffl├ęs on Luna
• Wander through the parks of Mycetla under the glow of telepathic toadstools
• Grapple with danger on a dragosaur safari on Primera
• Wallow in the luxury of the form-changing Ultimate Hotel and its robostaff
• Drift through the sculptured ice palaces of Boreas
• Search for a hidden fortune, ring-combing on Saturn

Cost, travel, body-change facilities, menus, climatic conditions and central computer booking details have all been provided by Hugo Award Winner Bob Shaw and Nominee David Hardy.

Galactic tours are booking now!

Bob Shaw.
Serious Science: Serious Scientific Talks 1982-1984.

(read but not reviewed)

Bob Shaw.
A Load of Old BoSh: Serious Scientific Talks.
Beccon Publications. 1995

(read but not reviewed)