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Books : reviews

Christopher G. Langton, Katsunori Shimohara, eds.
Artificial Life V: proceedings of the fifth international workshop on the synthesis and simulation of living systems, Nara, Japan.
MIT Press. 1996

(read but not reviewed)


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Koji Ikuta. 3D-Micro Integrated Fluidic System toward Living LSI. 1996
Marvin L. Minsky. How Computer Science will Change Our Lives. 1996
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Hiroaki Kitano. Towards Evolvable Electro-Biochemical Systems. 1996
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Brian L. Keeley. Evaluating Artificial Life and Artificial Organisms. 1996
Kanji Ueda. Differentiation of the Realms of Artifacts and Information: How does it Relate to Parts/Whole and InŽside/Outside?. 1996
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Peter M. Todd, Geoffrey F. Miller. Biodiversity through Sexual Selection. 1996
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