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J. D. Robb, Laurell K. Hamilton, Susan Krinard, Maggie Shayne, eds.
Out of this World.
Jove. 2001

rating : 4.5 : passes the time
review : 27 January 2007

I bought this to get the Eve Dallas "Interlude in Death" novella (which was originally been advertised as being published separately, but never materialised). The theme of the collection is SFnal love stories. The Eve Dallas story, part of a long series, here concentrates more on the police procedural aspects, and probably makes sense only if you've read the others; the Laurell Hamilton is merely an excerpt from a full Anita Blake novel, and probably doesn't make sense even if you've read the rest. The other two novellas are complete in their own right (that is, a beginning, a middle, and an end, all occuring within the published story).


J. D. Robb. Interlude in Death. 2001
Lt Eve Dallas is attending an off-planet police conference, under protest. When a police chief's aide is found murdered, the chief seems strangely desperate to pin the blame on her husband, Roarke.
Susan Krinard. Kinsman. 2001
The empathic Kinsmaen are the bridge between humans and the alien Shaauri. But there are forces on both sides who want to change things. Kinsman Jonas, empathic sense terribly damaged, finds himself at the centre of a plot.
Maggie Shayne. Immortality. 2001
The dark witch Puabi is washed up on a remote island just before a storm, and found by Matthew, who realises she is almost identical to his recently deceased wife.
Laurell K. Hamilton. Magic Like Heat Across My Skin. 2001
Extract from Narcissus in Chains