Sou'Wester: Eastercon '94

The 1994 British National Science Fiction Convention
1-4 April 1994, Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

GoHs: Barbara Hambly , Neil Gaiman , Diane Duane , Peter Morwood

Deadlines are little cowards: they never travel singly.
--- Neil Gaiman, GoH speech

My second con at the Adelphi Hotel, which remains a magnificent building, but was much easier to find the second time.

Programme highlights

Julian Headlong: Pathological Science

Some of the more extreme examples of science gong off the rails: N-rays R Us.

Panel: Thog v. the Zeitgeist

Social and political concerns misapplied to Fantasy and SF: medieval feminists, and far-future killers with a conscience.

Jack Cohen: Sex, Complex and Multiplex

Jack Cohen investigates some of the odd sexual arrangements in SF.

On the future evolution of the human species: "I believe we are already lots of different species -- which means we can do interesting things together. We are at the stage of using 'groups' of people -- the same way groups of bacteria formed the eukaryotes."