Jack Cohen

Dr Jack Cohen, currently at the University of Warwick, is an internationally renowned reproductive biologist and science fiction alien design consultant. His talks are a popular event at SF cons , where he always has something novel, provocative, and biological, to say.

You can't free mink, they don't understand freedom. I could give you your freedom by stripping you naked and leaving you on top of one of the Pennines in midwinter. It would be the same!

-- to an animal liberationist


> non-fiction and science books

Jack has very many talks -- but only one set of slides!

-- from the Intro to Credible Aliens...

Cohen's Law: 'Unless you fail at more than 10% of the things you try, you aren't trying enough things.'

-- promulgated at an unidentified SF Con

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SF Convention talks

Here are some notes on Jack Cohen's talks that I've heard at various SF cons . (Later talks tend to have more notes.)

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