Andromeda : season 2 episodes


2.1. The Widening Gyre
Despite their seemingly impossible cliff-hanger situation, everyone survives. Trance gets Beka and Dylan to sickbay and repaired. Then Dylan and Rommie go off to rescue Tyr and Harper, egg-filled captives of the Magoth. Beka nova-bombs the Magoth's solar-system-scale ship, which damages but does not destroy it. The eggs are removed from Tyr, but have to be left in Harper, controlled only by a temporary drug. Dylan decides the only way to counter the overwhelming Magoth menace is to reunite the Commonwealth. Before it was a dream. Now it is a necessity.
2.2. Exit Strategies
Beka, Tyr, a starving Rev Bem, and Dylan crash land on an icy planet, pursued by Nietzscheans. They find themselves in tunnels chewed by giant ore-eating worms. They escape by using a handy abandoned magnetic launcher. Meanwhile Rommie has to talk Harper out of suicide over the embedded eggs, so that he can repair her damaged engines.
2.3. Heart for Falsehood Framed
In order to make peace with two warring factions, Dylan must persuade one to return a precious jewel and sacred artefact to the other. Theft seems the only option -- but the stolen jewel turns out to be a fake.
2.4. Pitiless as the Sun
A poor mining planet asks Andromeda for help against raiders. They invite Trance Gemini to stay as a guest while the ship is away. But it turns out the raiders are trying to stop the miners selling drugs. Also, Trance is actually being questioned about another of her kind who came 15 years earlier, and plunged the mining planet into civil war.
2.5. Last Call at the Broken Hammer
Dylan and the crew tries to find the leader who was trying to bring unity to a small group of planets before a bunch of aliens waged war. They discover her running a bar on a dismal mining colony -- then the aliens arrive trying to kill her. Dylan and Tyr fight them off, but Trance loses her tail in the firefight. The leader returns with Dylan.
2.6. All Too Human
Rommie is on a mission to recover some weapons data, but finds herself hunted on a world that fears and hates AIs, with her escape craft Maru damaged and sunk several hundred feet under water. Meanwhile, the Andromeda is trying to stop the weapon from destroying a planet of 4 billion people. Eventually, everyone escapes, along with a captured Magog swarm ship.
2.7. Una Salus Victus
In a complicated plan to get a convoy supplies to a plague stricken planet, Beka ends up stranded on a damaged Maru override code 'shut up and do what I freaking tell you' talking to a female Nietzschean fighter pilot, Harper captains the Andromeda protecting the convoy through Nietzschean space on my mark, attack pattern 'last act of freaking defiance' , and Dylan and Tyr try to neutralise the Nietzschean's space cannons. But it is a Nietzschean trap, to get back the holy corpse Tyr stole.
2.8. Home Fires
Dylan receives a message from his long-dead fiancee, and discovers she and the survivors of the Andromeda established a prosperous planet, waiting for Dylan to reappear and re-establish the Commonwealth. But not all are glad to see him -- the isolationists, led by a direct descendent of Dylan's treacherous first officer, don't want war. Then some Magog swarm-ships appear, potentially altering the outcome of the referendum.
2.9. Into the Labyrinth
Dylan and the crew are hosting a diplomatic mission, which the head of the Sabra-Jaguar clan comes to join. Meanwhile, a mysterious phase-shifting woman tries to bribe Harper for the downloaded Library [ 1.14. Harper 2.0 ], by promising to remove the Magog larvae. Trance doesn't want the library recovered.
2.10. The Prince
Dylan and Tyr answer a distress call, and are appointed co-regents of a young Prince by the dying King. They support him because his planet is strategically important in the upcoming war against the Magog. Each have plans to promote the Prince, and Dylan out-Machiavellis Tyr.
2.11. Bunker Hill
The Sabra-Jaguar clan invoke the Commonwealth mutual defence pact [ 2.9. Into the Labyrinth ], demanding Andromeda join them in a war against the Dragen clan. Meanwhile, Harper's cousin contacts him, asking for help to free Earth from the Dragens. Hunt sends Harper and Rommie ahead to Earth to stir up a rebellion, while he fights the main fleet. The fight takes longer, and by the time he is ready to help Earth the rebellion has been crushed. But news of its happening has reached other slave planets, and they rebel, too.
2.12. Ouroboros
Rev Bem has gone away, to find himself. Harper tries building a space warping machine to remove the Magog larvae from his gut. But the machine causes weird warping of space-time, giving glimpses of past and future. Beka meets an older version of herself who has lost an eye and gained a child. Trance meets her future less-lilac self, who says things have gone wrong, so they swap places. Harper is freed of the larvae.
2.13. Lava and Rockets
A mission goes wrong, and Dylan finds himself hijacking a tourist cruiser to avoid assassins. Tyr returns to Andromeda for help, and he and a deeply suspicious Rommie go to Dylan's aid. Meanwhile, Harper finds it difficult to come to terms with the 'new' Trance.
2.14. Be All My Sins Remembered
An old flame of Beka's lures her into a trap, then kidnaps her, Harper, and Dylan, to force the Andromeda to fight on his side in a war. He claims he's freeing oppressed slaves, but really wants the planet for himself. Dylan refuses to negotiate with hostage takers, and talks one of the slaves into helping him. Beka fights free, and kills her ex-lover.
2.15. Dance of the Mayflies
The Andromeda crew rescue the survivors from a destroyed space station, and then come under attack themselves. All the survivors are unconscious -- victims of a parasite -- and are rapidly dying. And Beka is infected. Then the dead start reanimating. The parasite is intelligent, and takes over Trance. They finally figure out they can electrocute the parasite away. Rommie expresses worry about what will give her purpose when Dylan eventually dies.
2.16. In Heaven Now are Three
Beka, Dylan and Trance go on a quest to find the legendary "Engine of Creation". They cross another team of three (including another member of Trance's people) on the same quest, but win the prize by refusing to destroy them. It appears not to work.
2.17. The Things We Cannot Change
A mission near a black hole goes wrong, and Dylan hovers near death, undergoing hallucinations of a normal life back in the Commonwealth, while his crew try desperately to save him.
2.18. The Fair Unknown
Dylan discovers a trace of the semi-mythical Vedrans. But when he confronts one, she gives him orders to abandon her, because she needs to move an entire solar system out of danger.
2.19. Belly of the Beast
A planet sends out a distress call for help against a giant planet eating monster. The Andromeda gets swallowed by it, and must save itself in a way that saves the planet, too.
2.20. The Knight, Death, and the Devil
Dylan rescues a fleet of High Guard ships, but their AIs demand autonomy. Beka negotiates the 50th sign-up to the Commonwealth.
2.21. Immaculate Perception
Tyr receives a distress call from his wife in the Orca clan -- a group of genetic racists are killing Nietzscheans for being non-human. Andromeda goes to help. Tyr discovers he has a son, who may be the predicted Nietzschean messiah, a genetic reincarnation of their original leader. He discovers the Orcas have let slip the boy's identity. All the Orcas die, and Tyr pretends his son has, too.
2.22. Tunnel at the End of the Light
50 planetary ambassadors are on Andromeda to ratify the Commonwealth treaty when they start being attacked by invisible aliens. Then ten thousand alien ships appear through a wormhole from another universe [so why were they bothering covertly killing ambassadors?]. Trance says this is the point where it all started to go wrong in her future: Andromeda was destroyed. This time around Beka and Tyr take the Maru to bomb the wormhole shut. They succeed, but we don't know if they have survived.