Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Proporta Retractable Headphones - Update

Just read Shaun's review of the Proporta earbuds and realized that mine was slightly unfair: when I compared them to the Philips earbuds, I did not make any adjustments to the equalizer or bass boost settings in PocketTunes. In a sense this was fair, because I tested both headphones on the default settings, but even the simple expedient of enabling the bass boost makes a big difference when using the Proporta earbuds to listen to music. A few minutes adjusting the equalizer while listening to a song which you are really familiar with should iron out all but the smallest wrinkles in their performance.


Roger sent in a link to MacJournal and this quote from the FAQ:

Can you add Palm syncing?

It would be useful if MacJournal were able to synchronize information with a Palm PDA. If you know enough about Palm OS development and would like to help out with this, please send Dan and e-mail to make it happen.

It sounds a really good idea. Any volunteers?

Eudora and Mac-friendliness

Eudora 6.1, released last week, includes a built-in 'web search' facility: just highlight some text in an email and it will send it to Google for you. I though this was pretty pointless when I upgraded last week, but now some nominations for Mac-friendly Palm developers are coming in without URLs, it is proving rather useful.