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Spin-photonics Spin photonics

Spin-currents Spin-polarised currents

Magnetoresistance Magnetoresistance

Half-metals Half-metals

Domain structures Domain structures

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Past Images of the Month

MiscellaneousSeptember 2023
Photo of September 2023
September 23: APS Outstanding Referee

MiscellaneousAugust 2023
Photo of August 2023
August 23: Summer School 2023

MiscellaneousJuly 2023
Photo of July 2023
July 23: Intermag 2023

MiscellaneousJune 2023
Photo of June 2023
June 23: Periodicals Review

MiscellaneousMay 2023
Photo of May 2023
May 23: Magnetic Frontiers 2023

Half-metalsApril 2023
Photo of April 2023
Apr 23: Spin band gap

MagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsMarch 2023
Photo of March 2023
Mar 23: Neuromorphic potentiation

MiscellaneousFebruary 2023
Photo of February 2023
Feb 23: News on Samsung's MRAM

MiscellaneousJanuary 2023
Photo of January 2023
Jan 23: Jukuin Raiou

Spin-currentsMagnetoresistanceDecember 2022
Photo of December 2022
Dec 22: Optical gating

Spin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsNovember 2022
Photo of November 2022
Nov 22: Interfaces in MTJs

MagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsOctober 2022
Photo of October 2022
Oct 22: TMR

Spin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsDomain structuresSeptember 2022
Photo of September 2022
Sep 22: SPINMAT at Spintec

Spin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsDomain structuresAugust 2022
Photo of August 2022
Aug 22: Advances in antiferromagnetic spintronics

Half-metalsJuly 2022
Photo of July 2022
Jul 22: Heusler alloys for metal spintronics

MagnetoresistanceJune 2022
Photo of June 2022
Jun 22: Perpendicular anisotropy by phthalocyanine insertion

MagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsMay 2022
Photo of May 2022
May 22: Antiferromagnetic spintronics

Half-metalsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsApril 2022
Photo of April 2022
Apr 22: Perpendicular anisotropy at bcc/fcc interfaces

MiscellaneousMarch 2022
Photo of March 2022
Mar 22: Circular economy for critical raw materials

MagnetoresistanceFebruary 2022
Photo of February 2022
Feb 22: Special issue on antiferromagnetic spintronics

MagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsJanuary 2022
Photo of January 2022
Jan 22: Strain-Free bcc Co-Mn/MgO/Co-Mn MTJs

Half-metalsDecember 2021
Photo of December
Dec 21: STAM Altmetrics Award 2021

Half-metalsNovember 2021
Photo of November
Nov 21: Heusler alloy optimisation by Q-factors

MagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsOctober 2021
Photo of October
Oct 21: Current-induced crystallisation

Spin-photonicsSpin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsDomain structuresSeptember 2021
Photo of September
Sep 21: Nanomagnetic materials

MiscellaneousAugust 2021
Photo of August
Aug 21: Non-destructive imaging

MagnetoresistanceJuly 2021
Photo of July
Jul 21: Interfacial spin scattering

MagnetoresistanceDomain structures June 2021
Photo of June
Jun 21: Thermally assisted magnetoresistance

Half-metals May 2021
Photo of May
May 21: Review on Heusler alloys

Magnetoresistance April 2021
Photo of April
Apr 21: Skyrmion discrimination

Miscellaneous March 2021
Photo of March
Mar 21: COVID-19 impact.

Domain structures February 2021
Photo of February
Feb 21: Magnetic braille concept.

Miscellaneous January 2021
Photo of January
Jan 21: Non-destructive imaging on nanoparticles.

Domain structures August 2019
Atomic Force Microscopy
New book published by Springer.

Half-metals December 2016
Heusler Alloys
New book published by Springer.

Miscellaneous October 2016
Tariq awarded
Kathleen Mary Stott Prize awarded to Tariq.

Miscellaneous September 2016
SEM imaging
Nature Commun. paper published (News).

Miscellaneous January 2016
Joint 2016

Joint MMM-Intermag Conference to be held on 11-15 Jan. 2016 in San Diego, CA, USA.

Spin-photonicsSpin-currentsMagnetoresistanceHalf-metalsDomain structures January 2015
Highlights of 2014   Highlights of 2014

Highlights of 2014 in J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys..

Half-metals March 2015
Best Poster   Best Poster

Best Poster Award at Magnetism in Manchester.

Half-metals August 2014

Special Issue on Heusler-Alloy Films and Devices published.

Spin-currents January 2013
Best Poster

Best Poster Award at the MMM-Intermag Conference in Chicago, IL, USA.

Magnetoresistance October 2013

Royal Society Industry Fellowship awarded.

Half-metals August 2013
Heusler cluster

Call for Papers for a special issue on "Heusler-alloy films and devices" has been announced.

Spin-photonics July 2012
Spin Currents

A chapter on "Optically Induced and Detected Spin Current" has been published by Oxford University Press in "Spin Current".

Magnetoresistance September 2011
Spintronics cluster

A special cluster issue on "Spin-transfer-torque-induced phenomena" has been published.

Miscellaneous June 2011
Rosette pattern

A new e-beam lithography will be installed in Leeds. More details on the University News.