Action Perception Laboratory




Research funded by ERSC (along with various other organisations)



Nick Barraclough

Nick Barraclough
Senior Lecturer in Psychology and head of the research group
email: nick.barraclough<at>
tel. +44(0)1904 323141


PhD Students

Ellie Cole

Ellie Cole
ESRC 1+3 Graduate Student (2013 -)
email: ejc557<at>

Richard Oakes
Graduate Student (2015 -)
email: rao505<at>


Graduate Research Assistants

Anna Heussi
email: aeh560<at>


Previous Lab Members

Joanna Wincenciak - PhD student (graduated 2014)
Maria Cunat-Agut - Erasmus+ Research Associate (2014)
Bruce Keefe - ESRC Post-doctoral Research Associate (2011-2014)
Pheobe Asquith - MSc project student
Edward Rhodes - MSc project student
Amy TUrner - MSc project student
Chris Racey - Reckitt Benckiser Research Associate (2012-2013)
Marcel Kramer - Erasmus Student (2012-2013)
Alexandra Westley - Wellcome Trust Biomedical Research Bursary Student (2012)
Matthias Villing - RISE research student (2012)
Jennie Ingham - Nuffield Undergraduate Research Student (2010)
Lucy Van Hoorn - Nuffield Undergraduate Research Student (2009)
Kirsty Hoole - Nuffield Undergraduate Research Student (2008)
Rebecca Keith - Nuffield Undergraduate Research Student (2007)