Action Perception Laboratory




Research funded by ERSC (along with various other organisations)



Our research investigates how we see, understand, and interpret the actions and behaviour of other agents, and the function of the brain mechanisms underlying these processes.

Action video database

We have generated a database of action videos consisting of multiple actions performed by multiple actors conveying different emotions and filmed from 3 viewpoints in both 2D and 3D.

Action adaptation

Visual adaptation results from exposure to visual stimuli, changes sensitivity in specific visual neurons and can result in biases in visual perception. Using visual adaptation techniques we are investigating how the visual system codes actions and how emotion and trustworthiness is derived from action information.

Perception of action in "real-life"

Most psychophysics and neuroimaging tells us about the functioning of the brain under very un-natural situtations. We are therefore using Virtual Reality to simulate naturalistic conditions in order to explore human performance when recognising the interpreting other agent's actions.

Multimodal action perception

We not only watch human actions but also make sense of them by listening to the sounds they make. We are investigating how we combine multiple senses in order to understand human actions.

Mirror Neuron System in action perception

The Mirror Neuron System plays an important role in action perception and action understanding. We are using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to investigate what role the Mirror Neuron System does, and does not, play in action perception.


Research Funding

Our research is currently funded by: ESRC (Grant RES-062-23-23-2797), The Wellcome Trust, Joanna Wincenciak is funded by an 80th Anniversary Scholarship from the University of Hull