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Giuseppe Nicosia, Vincenzo Cutello, Peter J. Bentley, Jonathan Timmis, eds.
ICARIS 2004: 3rd International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, Catania, Sicily.
Springer. 2004

(read but not reviewed)


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full paper
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analysing AIS algorithms with dynamical systems techniques; possible fractal basins of attraction
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fractal proteins and artificial immune networks
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storing negative information only, as an additional security mechanism
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using continuous Petri Nets to help model complicated biological systems
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MISA does not converge; MISA with elitism converges
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data reduction of GPS tracking data
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hardware fault detection and recovery
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adaptive negative selection using a "danger signal" to decide what is the current "self"
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telomere-inspired lifetime model
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a breve model of an imune response
Emma Hart, Peter Ross. Studies on the implications of shape-space models for idiotypic networks. 2004
exploration of Bersini's idiotypic network model, including asymmtric binding response, multiple binding sites
Andrew Watkins, Jonathan Timmis. Exploiting parallelism inherent in AIRS, and artificial immune classifier. 2004
parallel and distributed implementations
Alan S. Perelson. An overview of computational and theoretical immunology. 2004
(invited talk: extended abstract)