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Jonathan Timmis, Peter J. Bentley, Emma Hart, eds.
ICARIS 2003: 2nd International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems.
Springer. 2003

(read but not reviewed)


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Peter May, Keith C. Mander, Jonathan Timmis. Software vaccination: An AIS Approach. 2003
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Ludmila A. Sokolova. Index Design by Immunocomputing. 2003
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Julie Greensmith, Steve Cayzer. An AIS Approach to Semantic Document Classification. 2003
Uwe Aickelin, Peter J. Bentley, Steve Cayzer, Jungwon Kim, Julie McLeod. Danger Theory: The Missing Link between AIS and IDS. 2003
Andrew Secker, Alex A. Freitas, Jonathan Timmis. A Danger Theory Approach to Web Mining. 2003
Mark Neal. Meta-Stable Memory in an AIS Network. 2003
Jennifer A. White, Simon M. Garrett. Improved Pattern Recognition with Artifical Clonal Selection?. 2003
Emma Hart, Peter Ross. Improving SOSDM: Inspirations from Danger Theory. 2003
Susan Stepney, John A. Clark, Colin G. Johnson, Derek Partridge, Robert E. Smith. AIS and the Grand Challenge for Non-Classical Computation. 2003
full paper
Simon M. Garrett. A Paratope is not an Epitope: Implications for Immune Network Models and Clonal Selection. 2003
Alex A. Freitas, Jonathan Timmis. Revisiting the Foundations of AIS: A Problem Oriented Perspective. 2003
Hyi Taek Ceong, Young-il Kim, Doheon Lee, Kwang-Hyung Lee. Complementary Dual Detectors for Effective Classification. 2003
Fernando Esponda, Stephanie Forrest, Paul Helman. The Crossover Closure and Partial Match Detection. 2003
Fabio Gonzalez, Dipankar Dasgupta, Luis Fernado Nino. A Randomised Real Valued Negative Selection Algorithm. 2003
Joanne H. Walker, Simon M. Garrett. Dynamic Function Optimisation: Comparing the Performance of CS and ES. 2003
Johan Kaers, Richard Wheeler, Herman Verrelst. Effect of Antibody Morphology on Non-self Detection. 2003
Claudio Franceschi. The Immune System as a Cognitive System: New Perspectives for Information Technology Society. 2003
(invited talk: abstract)

Paul S. Andrews, Jonathan Timmis, Nick D. L. Owens, Uwe Aickelin, Emma Hart, Andrew N. W. Hone, Andy M. Tyrrell.
ICARIS 2009: 8th International Conference on Artificial Immune Systems, York, UK.
Springer. 2009

(read but not reviewed)